Žilvinas Kropas

Žilvinas Kropas
Žilvinas Kropas

I am an alternative photographer from Lithuania. I have been creating an artistic photography since 2012. An exclusive feature of my creative work is – taking a photo by using Pinhole, Lumen prints, Chlorophyll process and Cyanotype photographic techniques. I consider myself to be an idealist, looking for beauty and harmony everywhere, able to properly appreciate spiritual and cultural values, I have a special intuition, and a very
volatile imagination.

Prof. Dr. Remigijus Venckus (media artist and critic).


 Photographer Žilvinas Kropas is an exceptional personality who does not chase after the fashions of visual culture. He is consistent in the development of his own artistic language. The artist tries to catch the rays of sun in light-sensitive materials, in this way rendering meaning to the reality within the confines of a rather limited print. His photographs portray the world as well as emphasize the pictorial (re)presentation strategy typical for fine arts that depends on the historical situation and tradition.  The abstract photographs of Žilvinas Kropas raise essential questions about the phenomenon of photography and reveal intervisual relations, making intuitive references to the forms and experiences of the tactile and visual world. The photographs help to define their own identity as well as that of the environment in specific, shifting geographical coordinates. Time and space, stability and fragility thus intertwine; Žilvinas Kropas places the viewer in two spaces at the same time – that of the image and that of the reality. It is like a conscious, visual and intellectual game of being-nonbeing. The photography of Žilvinas Kropas shows us that the space is full of atoms that move, collide, connect and are divided continually; in his photography we return to the objective reality that opens up through human senses like a certain given.

Solo exhibition:

2019 – “Illumination of solar scripts”, Biržai region museum.

2019 – “Illumination of solar scripts”, Anykščiai Art Incubator.

2018 –“Illumination of solar scripts”, Panevėžys Photography gallery, Lithuania.

 Group exhibition:

2020 – Radiance (Biržai region museum). Lithuania.

2019 – International exhibition “Artists of The World”, Vietnam.

2019 – International art and science festival “PASA”, Sounth Korea.

2019 – VIII festival of pinhole photography “OFFO”, Polish.

2019 – International alternative photography project “Amorfo”, Lithuania – Argentina.

2019 – International exhibition. Dusetos cultural centre gallery of art “Horse in photography”.

2019 – Online group exhibition “Camera Obscura”, analog forever magazine.

2018 – International interdisciplinary art project “Visible in Time”, United Kingdom.

2018 – International interdisciplinary art project “Hundreds of feelings to Lithuania“.

2016 – International pinhole photo exhibition “Human“, Belarus.

2016 – Exhibition “Remembering the Future” of Panevėžys Photo Gallery.

2016 – International pinhole exhibition “Body and Movement“, an image for culture IV, Colombia.

2016 – Panevėžys Photographers Society exhibition “Portraits of actors’’. Lithuania.

 Articles and publications:

Photographs have been published in international art journals and specialized press.

2020 – NAAHBOOX (mexico online photography magazine), the solar script phenomenon.

2020 – Artdoc (online photography magazine), the solar script phenomenon.

2020 – The Hand (a magazine for reproduction-based arts), issue 27. (US).

2020 – Musée (online photography magazine), weekend portfolio. (US).

2020 – l’Œil de la Photographie (online photography magazine), the solar script phenomenon.

2019 – Dodho (online photography magazine), alternative photography project “Amorfo”.

2019 – Catalogue “Horse in photography”, publication. (Lithuania).

2018 – Shots (art magazine), issue 139. (US).

2018 – The article in weekly “Voice of Panevėžys“ about me and my work.

2017 – Blur (online photography magazine), issue 58.

2016 – f/D book of pinhole. (US).

2016 – Magazine of culture and history „Senvagė“, publication. (Lithuania)