Vytenis Sinkevičius

Vytenis Sinkevičius was born in 1978 May 10 in Kaunas city. In 1989-1996 he was studying in Kaunas Art gymnasium, he chose sculpture specialty. Then he continued his studies in Vilnius Art academy, Kaunas branch, in 2005 he get bachelor’s diploma. In 1999-2001 he was studying English in London (Edgware Academy of Languages and Computer Science). Several years he was working and living in London. In 2007 he studied in accordance with Erasmus students exchange program in Dublin (Dublin National College of Art and Design, Ireland, MFA fine art by research). In 2008 in Vilnius Art Academy he get sculpture and art master’s qualificative degree, with grateful letter for a great final work “Counteraction“. In his childhood he was passionately cultivating various East martial arts and amateur boxing, he was participating in competition. Since 2008 he has been intensely going deep into, studying and practicing various meditative practices: Chinese medical Cigun, Tai Chi, he has been studying Chinese metaphysics, Feng Shui and Ba Zi. In 2014 he graduated these trainings in Kundawell Medical institute, in China, Peking city: Images medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Tuina massage, and get the status of Images therapeutist and researcher. Currently he practices Images therapies, leads regular Juneau Juan Cigun and Tai Chi practical occupations. Also, he reads lectures, leads various trainings and personality education seminars.
Date and place of birth:
1978 May 10, in Kaunas city

In 1985-1989 – the 48th high school of Kaunas.
In 1989-1996 – Kaunas Art Gymnasium, Lithuania (Sculpture specialty).
In 1999-2001 – Edgware Academy of Languages and Computer Science, London (Intermediate certificate in English language).
In 1996-2005 – Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Art Institute, Lithuania (Sculpture and art bachelor’s qualificative degree).
In 2006-2007 – Dublin National College of Art and Design, Ireland (MFA fine art by research).
In 2005-2008 – Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Art Institute, Lithuania (Sculpture and art master’s qualificative degree).
In 2013-2014 – Peking Kundawell Medical Institute, China (Images medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Tuina massage).
In 2014 – Žirmūnai educational center, Druskininkai, Lithuania (SPA massages and rituals with East therapy fundamental).

Where and wherewith works:
Kaunas college, Justinas Vienožinskis arts faculty (professor).

Major group exhibitions:
In 1998 – SMD exhibition in Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania.
In 2007 – exhibition “Gold Star“, Dublin, Ireland.
In 2008 – exhibition “Cells of Art“, Vilnius, Lithuania.
In 2008 – exhibition “Elsewhere“, London, the United Kingdom.
In 2014 – exhibition JVMF international conference “Art, design, artistic education“, Kaunas, Lithuania.
In 2015 – exhibition JVMF “Christmas exhibition“, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Sculptures symposiums:
In 2005 – sculptures plein air, Kėdainiai, Lithuania. Sculpture – “Beehive“.
In 2010 – sculptures plein air, dedicated to Jonava citie’s 260 years anniversary, Jonava, Lithuania. Sculpture – “Action – Reaction“.
In 2010 – international sculptors plein air, Kalvarija, Lithuania. Sculpture – “Laurel“.
In 2014 – sculptors plein air, dedicated to remember Kristijonas Donelaitis 300 years anniversary, Zarasai, Lithuania. Sculpture – “Sun“.