Viktorija Jasinskaitė-Bobina

The painter Viktorija Jasinskaitė-Bobina lives and creates in Vilnius. Since 2010 she is a member of Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Union. Participates in solo and group exhibition’s. The painter’s creative life is more or less lifelong. Painting – the most expressed hobby from a young age and for many years – is the author’s lifestyle, it is the author’s major part of life. I create what is in my heart, and the thoughts are most often sent by God, and as the sayings are most often sent from above. I try to put a lot of warm feeling into each and every one of my smallest pieces so that it would be good, lovely to see the work, and to please others just like me.
Speaking of her work, the painter Viktorija Jasinskaitė-Bobina argues that as a form of expression of Love, because Love exists for each of us, it is perhaps not always expressed, maybe not always or not fully revealed, or obscured by passing time or certain circumstances, but indeed she is. After all, we are born of Love. The angels that dominate the paintings of Victoria Jasinskaite-Bobina are just a vivid reminder of what is near us and often protects us. They are reflections of the souls of good-hearted people, or senders of tenderness, warmth, Light and Goodness with the most sincere wish.
The women in the author’s works are uplifting, dignified, dreamy and mysterious about what every woman should be. The trees, the flowers and all the nature – without which man could not exist and what is the most beautiful on our Earth, the author told about her creation.

2010 March 19 – April 12 A solo exhibition was held at the Verpstė Folk Art Gallery in Vilnius.
2010 April 12 – May 15 Lithuanian Folk Art Exhibition on Easter, Poland.Warsaw.
2010 June 5-30. Hotel ‘Jellyfish Personal Show. Palanga.
2010 November 21-December 30 Loreta Gallery personal exhibition. In Palanga.
2011 January “Lazdijai Area Museum” solo exhibition. For Lazdijai.
2012 December 7-24 Christmas Fair at PC Panorama. Vilnius.
2012 January Personal exhibition School for the whole family “Strazdanėlės”. Vilnius.
2012 December – National folk art exhibition “Golden Wreath”. Nemencine.
2012 December 7-9. Christmas Fair Exhibition Winter Bird at the Exhibition Hall, Litexpo, Vilnius.
2014 April 22 – May 15 Lithuanian Library for the Blind Klaipėda.
2015 December 1st – 31st Design Month Tylper Personal Exhibition Astana. Kazakhstan.
2016 October 1 – December 1 Personal exhibition at the seaside hotel Medūsa.