Vigmantas Balevičius

Vigmantas Balevičius was born in 1968. He lives and creating in Kaunas. After he graduated from the High School, he began to study at Music School. He continued his studies at Kaunas University of Technology.

V. Balevičius is filmmaker, art photographer. Also he creates in the areas of music.

Currently the artist works in the centre of Youth Technical Creativity. The photo artist has been already organized his solo exhibitions, also he participates in general exhibitions. V. Balevičius participated in sectional exhibition of Lithuanians, in Chicago, in The USA, he organized exhibitions in Kaunas and other cities of Lithuania.

The artist has been working in the area of filmmaking since 1998. Creative themes of the photo artist are various: National Parks of Lithuania, lessons of the art, different seasons, travels. Emotions are very important in the photography of V. Balevičius. He often takes photos of nature, panoramic views, exotic genres of landscapes in his travels. The photo artist frequently publishes his articles and photographs on the topic of travelling in various journals.

In the site of the gallery Vigmantas Balevičius presents the series of photographs ‘‘Panoramas‘‘.