Vida Rastauskaitė-Korn

Vida Korn was born in the village of Aukštaitija, near to Siesikai. Her early childhood passed carelessly, while she was running through wide fields. When she was six years old, she with her parents moved to live to Kaunas. The city life didn‘t look quite poetic to the future photographer, so she loved to watch the nature all the time, that has manifested in her creative work later on.
At Vilnius University Vida studied Russian and literature, afterwards, due to the possibility, she moved to live to Germany, where she was learning German. Subsequently, the artist came back to Kaunas and employed at Kaunas County Public Library, in the atheneum of German and Swiss publications.
Vida has been passionately interested in photography from the youth, she hasn‘t let go of the hand her camera many years, the artist constantly fixates moments from her personal life and travels. She has created many noteworthy photografies by having great artistic intuition and creative eye. Vida, encouraged by her friends artists, decided to present her artworks in public exhibition spaces. Her first exhibition – “Colors of Čepkeliai’’ – revealed the author’s love to nature, that has been cherished from the youth. “The nature of Čepkeliai captivated its simplicity and color stability. The nature – is the greatest artist, and I just tried to record that what slips away. After all, everything slips away – only endless grief of the past remains!’’, – Vida is telling.
The latest photography exhibition of Vida Korn – “Magic fountains’’ – has been created completely accidentally during vacation wandering the streets of Barcelona, admiring unique architecture of this European city, art works, nature. In the centre of exhibited photographies – magic fountain view “Montjuïc’’, which painting nightly Barcelona in bright colors. “Barcelona becomes magic in the evening, charms its wonderful sunsets and lights. One of such accents are magic fountains of Barcelona – energetic geysers with splashes of colors. Great combination of music and engineering, enchanting water dances and certainly – one of the goals of visit to Barcelona,’’ – artist Vida Rastauskaitė-Korn is sharing her impressions.