Saulius Paukštys

Well known photographer Saulius Paukštys lives and works in Vilnius. Saulius Paukštys
was born in 1964. In 1987 graduated from Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Automation,
acquired an engineering major.


Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, USA- Qualification as a photographer.
Manfred Studio Chicago, USA – Advertising, Photographer Qualification.
Manfred Bauman -workshop-portrait photography, Vienna-Austria.
2014 Act Photography.
2016 Vienna, Austria.
Employment from 01-01-1988 to present.
1988-01-01 Curator of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers.
1990-02-06 Lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.
1999-05-10 Advertising photography studio, Lem photo, photographer,
creative director.
2006-04-01 Advertising agency Tequila, creative.
2007-05-07 Founded a photography studio “Fototeatras”, currently she is
manages and is creative director.
Collaborates with Mo Museum.
Additional skills:

– Has published many texts on major portals: Lithuanian Morning,
dolphin and other publications.
Photographer Saulius Paukštys has published several books:


Faces of the Lithuanian Armed Forces
“Up to Bangladesh in 40 Days” 2010
Motorcycles Around the World 2016
Frank Zappa – Son of Lithuania 2017


The photographer Saulius Paukštys has invented and implemented many
project with artists: construction of monument to musician Frank Zappa in Vilnius /
sculptor K. Bogdanas, arch. V.Ozarinskas / 1995.
Memorial sign to commemorate the flight of S. Darius and S.Girėnas / Vilnius, Žvejų str.2,
arch.V.Ozarinskas / 2009
The erection of a monument to musician John Lennon in Vilnius,
Mindaugo str. 27, 2015
Photo artist Saulius Paukštys has held numerous art exhibitions and performances
In Lithuanian galleries and around the world.

Saulius Paukštys is a well-known Lithuanian photographer who is regarded by critics as one of postmodernism
pioneers in Lithuanian photography. Eccentric, unexpected are often seen in Saulius Paukštys work
and the technical conceptual tools that give the created images, including portraits of Lithuanian Indians
series of well-known Lithuanian artists dressed in Indian accessories,
verges that juxtapose old and modern urban architecture found in old photographs-
ros textures. This includes photographic dragons and plants decorated with colorful textile paint.
The series of photographs “Images of Vilnius city can be said as postcards presenting the Middle Ages
immersive buildings and compositions, imprinted with a unique 19th century patented Van Dyke photographic
technological emulsion based on silver nitrate, applied to handmade paper,
vas is printed by contact in ultraviolet light. The printing of these photographs itself
the process means each print is unique and unique and the paper texture zooms in
the printed image more to the graphics than to the photography.
We invite you to explore and admire these prints by Van Dyke by photographer Saulius Birdis,
revealing the beauty of the city of Vilnius, we invite you to take a look at the paintings as if they have traveled almost a century
back, while also looking for the charm of modern art that reveals the cipher.

Saulius Paukštys