Rūta Levulienė

Painter R. Levulienė actively participates in group exhibitions and organizes author exhibitions. To the author‘s creation work have had an influence teachers such as famous painter Antanas Obcarskas, painter Violeta Juodzevičienė, artist Lukas Kalmogercovas.
The names of R. Levulienė paintings smell an intrigue – “Storks learn to fly“, “Impression“, “Mysterious“, “Process“, “Radix of 36“, “Whim“, etc. The nature often inspires the author, accordingly, there are often met abstract landscapes, it is revealed internal feelings world and relation with external world. The paintings stand out esthetician – they are bright, expressive, a lot of attention it is paid to abstraction shape and variety, visual and artistic narrative from geometric broken and unbroken stories.
To the author it is important the painting process and uneven geometrical shapes rhythmics, which is composing in the painting‘s space. In this way in the artist‘s pieces the story is expressed through colors and shapes. The shapes and lines play between, keep the rhythm, sound, in some places decorated details complement the artistic plane. In the author‘s pieces it is very important not only symbols, but, also, metaphors language. In the paintings there are aplenty philosophical insights and metaphors, especially it is evident in paintings “Radix of 36“ and “Without a name“, “Whim“, etc. Some expressive paintings of the artist, such as “Whim“ and “Radix of 36“, have a considerable connection with graphic art. The creation work of the artist is versatile.
In one group of the paintings dominates solid story, in the other group of the paintings dominates broken story. The artistic narrative is strengthened with brightly red color‘s colorings. In the pieces also dominate blue, greenish, black colors. The paintings of painter Rūta Levulienė stand out from other artists pieces an original artistic story, bright red color‘s rendering and play, masterful abstract painting manner‘s mastery and close connection with graphics. R. Levulienė, by using geometrical shapes story, creates distant and close, familiar and, in kind, unfamiliar world, which, by looking to the paintings, we differently create ourselves.
The main exhibitions
In 2014 she participated in “The best piece of the year“ exhibition in Kaunas paintings gallery.
In 2014 June she participated in the exhibition “The summer of Nemajūnai“ in Birštonas Kurhaus.
In 2014 – the personal exhibition “Painting meditation“ in Kaunas East Culture center “Wudang Tao“.
In 2015 – the personal exhibition “Tranformation“. V. Kudirka public library Šilainiai subdivision.
In 2015 February 16-March 14 – the group exhibition “Rebirth“. Kaunas district public library and Kaunas culture palace “Girstutis“.
In 2015 March 31-April 14 – the exhibition “Transformation II“ in Kaunas various nations culture center.
In 2015 August 5-September 10 – the personal exhibition “Changes“ in Prienai Justinas Marcinkevičius public library Pakuonis branch.
In 2015 July 25-August 9 – the group exhibition in Birštonas Kurhaus “The summer in Nemajūnai“.
In 2015 September 18-October 20 – the group exhibition in Palemonas, S. Nėris memorial museum, United writers and artists creative plein air “Plastic + word“.
In 2015 November 2-December 1 – the personal painting exhibition in Business center “Worthy“ in Vilnius.
In 2015 November 6-November 23 – the group Antanas Obcarskas studio members exhibition “Antaninis apples“ in Kaunas various nations cultures center.
In 2016 January 9-February 11 – the exhibition “Broadcasts“ in Birštonas Kurhaus.
In 2016 January 7-February 20 – “The best piece of the year“ exhibition, Kaunas paintings gallery.
In 2016 February 16-March 13 – the exhibition “Rebirth“.
In 2016 May 10-June 20 – the personal exhibition in National Kaunas Drama Theater cafe.
In 2016 June 10-June 30 – the personal exhibition in Kaunas city museum, M. and K. Petrauskas Lithuanian music history department.