Romualdas Požerskis

Romualdas Požerskis was born in 1951 in Vilnius. In 1975, when he was graduated from contemporary Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, he began to work in Lithuanian Society of Photographic Art Department Kaunas. Since 1976 he has been a member of Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers. In 1990 the title of Lithuanian National Premium laureate was granted to him. In 1994 the honorary title of photographer, artist (AFIAP) of International Federation of Art Photography (FIAP) was granted to him.
Since 1993 R. Požerskis has been a lecturer of the Department of Art Criticism of Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts. Since 2009 he has been a lecturer of the Department of Art Criticism of Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts, an associate professor. Since 2011 he has been a professor of the Modern Art Department of Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts.

In 2004, for input to European cultural heritage fostering and keeping, it was handed the premium of Alfred Toepfer in University of Vienna. In 2005 – he was awarded the order “For merits to Lithuania“ the cross of the Knight. In 2006 by the President of Poland – “Golden Cross“ for merits developing co-operation of Lithuania and Poland. In 2009 LR Ministry of Culture nominated the premium of B. Buračas.
Since 2005 he has been a member of Kaunas City Municipality Professional Art projects selection committee. In 2005 – the jury commission chairman of International Photography festival “Days of Kaunas Photography“. In 2006 – the jury member of Czech press photography contest. In 2006-2007 – the chairman of the state individual and educational scholarships commission of Lithuanian Ministry of Culture Art Photography area. In 2014 and 2015 – a member of the experts commission of Lithuanian Culture council.

Main series of photographs:
“Victories and defeats“ (1974-1976), “In Children‘s hospital“ (1976-1982), “Old towns of Lithuania“ (1974-1976 and 2010), “Indulgence“ (1974-2001), “Gardens of Memory“ (1977-2002), “The last houses“ (1983-2001), “Muses“ (1988-2009), “Dossier of Mirages“ (2002-2003), “Troubles and sweets of Little Alphonse“ (1992-2008), “Festival burning man“ (2008-2014), “Between light and dark“ (2013).

Works of the photographer are kept in these collections:
Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, Vilnius, Modern Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuanian National Museum, Lithuanian Art Museum, Photography Museum, Šiauliai, National Library, Paris, France, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland, Ackland Art Museum, NYC, USA. International Centre of Photography, New York, Museum of Photography, Burghausen, Germany, FIAP Collection, Lausanne, Switzerland, Modern Art Museum. Stockholm, Sweden.

In the professional art gallery VMU Art faculty professor, photographer Romualdas Požerskis presents the series of photographs “Lithuania 1988-1993“ dedicated to historical events, leading to the resumption of our country independence. In the same name the album is published. From eighteen thousand shots, recorded from 1988 to 1993, there are published 313 photographs in the album. Memories of the famous personalities about fatal events to Lithuania and evaluations of today perspective of those events supplement them.
Information of the gallery.

In the series of photographs presented photographs and texts together create the authentic story about Lithuanian road to freedom. Images, recorded dramatic historical events – from the first Movement rallies to the Soviet army exit from Lithuania – have priceless documentary value. However, that – more than only historical visual documents. In the photographs not only important events are recorded but, also, their members experience, indirectly imparted felt emotions of the photographer himself at that time.

Art critic asociate Ph. Tomas Pabedinskas