Romualdas Kairys

Photo artist Romualdas Kairys have been dreaming to become an artist since his childhood. The author have begun to take pictures since 12 years old with the camera of tape “Zenit”. The photo artist belongs to Kaunas Photo Club. He actively participates in the artistic life of the club, also in group exhibitions, organized by the club. He photographs in various themes, but currently he pays attention mostly to the theme of still life.

At the gallery site the photo artist presents photos series “Still life”. This series consists of 20 photos, each one of them tells still another story in themes of autumnal still life.
Each photograph’s artistic composition consists of different element, often allusive the time of fall season: pumpkins of autumnal colors, objectives of antique cameras in retro style background, aged photos between autumnal leaves and photo albums. It is interesting that the presenting series of still life has a connection not only with a photograph, but also the allusions to painting strokes of the greenish coloring. The narrative‘s history of every artistic photograph is different, from various details and accents symbolizing autumn, the composition of photos is filled and aesthetically strong.

The author, presenting this exclusive photo series, allows to a viewer to look to the different world of still life, which is enriched with various details and color accents. Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė.

The creative work of the artist we present in a collaboration with Kaunas Photo Club.