Rimgaudas Maleckas

Rimgaudas Maleckas who is an initiator of the abstract photography and a former resident of Kaunas currently he lives and creates in Palanga. This artist of the older generation is often called a father of the abstract photography.

At that time the creation work of members of a foreign abstract art – P. Mondrian, P. Klee, P. Picasso, J. Pollock – and lithuanian painter of the abstract E. A. Cukermanas have had much influence for the creation work of the artist. R. Maleckas is a member of Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers section of Kaunas. He has organized many exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. The collectors of Germany have bought art works of this artist. The art album ‘‘Rimgaudas Maleckas. Fotografika’’ (2013) represents the creation work of the artist, also ’’Metai’’ of Kristijonas Donelaitis that is illustrated together with his wife Dangirutė Maleckienė (2014).

In the website are presented the art works of the photo artist from the series ‘‘Photographic abstractions‘‘ that have been made in 2011-2015. Though, black and white photography dominates in the art works of the artist, a sign and a form become the main accents. Pieces of the artist are various: from psychological portraits of women till abstract forms motives. Clear artistic composition, powerful esthetics, harmony of the form, esthetics of black and white broken lines are characteristic for the photos of this artist. This is especially evident in abstract photos in which mysticism is specific.