Raminta Ardzevičienė

Raminta Ardzevičienė lives and creates in Kaunas. She graduated from Vilnius art academy, specialty of applied graphics. Currently the graphic designer teaches to children in art school and paints. The creation work of visual art creator Raminta Ardzevičienė is developing in two directions.

The artist is well known as a creator of printable graphics and graphic design (ARRA) and a painter. Her colourful, giving many emotions to daily routine painting works – like subconscious pieces, which image the mood more than the thought. Paintings consist spontaneously like color puzzles by creating particular mosaic.

Since 2009 the artist has been participating in group exhibitions. Also, she organizes personal exhibitions. The artist‘s exhibitions – a feeling when there are no rules, special knowledge, only colourful mood, which transfers to abstract story, without clear limits, without the beginning and the ending.

In the gallery the artist presents her paintings, that were created in 2016. Painting works cycle‘s name is “Colourful puddles“.