Petras Vaičiulis

Petras Vaičiulis was born in 1955 in Žemaitija, in the village of Mikytai, Skuodas region. He was learning in Šačiai high school and he was studying in Vilnius technical school of the construction. The artist especially participates actively in the public and cultural life. He organizes the author exhibitions in various cities, photographs the moments of the cultural events. He is a member of Kaunas Žemaičiai cultural society, keeps close contacts with Kaunas Latvian club “Dauguva“, he has participated in “Atgaja“ monumental club life, in the activity of Lithuanian and Latvian unity society.

Petras Vaičiulis creates the photographs in various themes, he has created the cycle of photographs in Kaunas theme “Vlogs of Kaunas“ and the cycle of landscapes “Winters“.

Photographer Petras Vaičiulis is the photographer not of people, not of things, but of the nature. In his pieces a genre of the landscape is often met. The artist is endlessly interested in that what we call the moments of commonness, which we not always notice by walking the different corners of Kaunas city. In the exhibition presented the artist‘s photographs created in 2013-2015. By photographing landscapes, the artist often notices that, what others do not see: the sunset in Santaka, the early morning in Kaunas lagoon, the moments of various festivals in the centre of Kaunas city, it did not go unnoticed and various places of Kaunas old town. In the artist‘s photographs the relation with the environment, surrounding him, natural details and with captured passers-by is very important. In the artist‘s photographs through some often noticeable details open connections with the graphic art.

Photographer Petras Vaičiulis is active, restless, attentive, searching and having a distinctive creative style. The main creative credo of the photographer is – to find, to record that, what is beautiful, and to show to others.