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Gallery “Golden section“ presents photographer Iridijus Švelnys‘s exhibition of interactive photographs “Lithuanian Old City“ in Kaunas Žalgiris arena

From this year, September 15, in Kaunas Žalgiris arena (address: King Mindaugas prospectus 50) will be photographer Iridijus Švelnys‘s exhibition of interactive photographs “Lithuanian Old Towns“. In the exhibition I. Švelnys is going to present ten large format photographs. This is – the interactive narration about Lithuanian Old Towns. In the large format photographs the author captures the spaces of Kaunas, Šiauliai, Kėdainiai, Klaipėda and Ukmergė Old Towns.
Iridijus Švelnys lives and creates in Kaunas. He studied radio electronics at Kaunas University of Technology, later he studied master of management at ISM. Since 2016 he has been collaborating with public institution “Gabrielė‘s Art Gallery“. Photographer Iridijus Švelnys has already organized 16 exhibitions, has been participating in group exhibitions and has been organizing personal exhibitions. He has already organized personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Germany and London. The main exhibitions of photographer I. Švelnys are these: in 2015 December in Babtynas manor of Žemaitkiemis was organized the first installation-exhibition “In life everything is simple but not easy“. Also, in 2016 March personal exhibition of photographs “In life everything is simple but not easy“ was organized in LR embassy in Berlin. In 2016 June-August in Historic Baron Munhausen Castle the first time was presented interactive series of photographs “Lithuanian Old Towns“. The theme of the biennial – “Photographic stories“ (the biennial‘s curators – art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė and artist Jūratė Sližytė). In 2016 the same photographic series was presented in National Kaunas Drama Theater. In 2017 February interactive series of photographs “Lithuanian Old Towns“ was presented in Lithuanian Education History museum. Also, in 2017 February series of photographs “Lithuanian Old Towns“ was presented in International London Art Fair “ART PARRALAX FAIR“, and in 2017 July the exhibition was presented in Foreign Office, in Vilnius. In 2017 July in Babtynas manor of Žemaitkiemis the photographer together with “Cross the Line“ presented installation-exhibition “Aspects of isolations“.
In the interactive photographs exhibition photographer Iridijus Švelnys presents these photographs in topic “Lithuanian Old Towns“: “Ladies and gentlemen“, “Neighbours“, “In the sight of the eye“, “Bird“, “Star“, “The neighbour“, “The mighty man“, “Bridges“, “Flight“, “Imprisoned“, “Gate of the hell“, “Duet“.
By taking pictures of Lithuanian Old Towns the author chooses an unexpected angle, by actualizing the moment of the unexpectedness, by using the unconventional “fish‘es eye“ photographic manner, he experiments the photography, by pressing it on the glass plates. I. Švelnys uses the language of symbols and metaphors to the resolution of the city. The philosophic and ironic city presentation‘s conception of I. Švelnys is presented in geometric circle shape, which allows to the viewer to see the image in the angle of 180 degrees. In the photographs there are important the fragmented architectonic details, that reveal through the symbols – roofs. Often the image of the city is framed to the symbol of broken star. In the photographs of I. Švelnys there are especially important the relation with nature and the connection of earth and universes of sky. In each photograph there are particularly important colorful nuances: blue, greenish, yellowish shades and colorings. In his creation work‘s presentations, in the openings of the exhibitions the author accents interesting triad in his photographs – photography, psychology and philosophy.
By talking about his creation work the photographer says: “ “Photography – is a visual measure to feel and to represent a conception ten times faster than it is written in letters. Philosophy – that is my aspiration. This is my ideal world, which I am chasing with my works, my actions, my challenges aiming the highest goals. Psychology – is the third component, which helps to feel an emotional feeling, to insert it to a current vision of the image.“
Iridjus Švelnys creates the unconventional photography, his created artistic narrative is combined and complemented by psychological and philosophical components, get distinctive environment seeing‘s aspect and psychological emotional experience, which is clear in his exhibitions and in his photographie‘s albums.
The exhibition‘s partner – public institution “Gabrielė‘s Art Gallery“.
The exhibition‘s curator – art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė.

G. Kuizinaitė “Iridijus Švelnys presents Lithuania in different angle“ 2017-03-10 kamane
Currently in Kaunas cultural center “House of Nation“ (Vytauto pr. 79) functions photographer‘s from Vilnius Mindaugas Norkus‘s personal photographs exhibition “Moments“. This documentary series of photographs has already been exhibited in 2014 at cinema “Skalvija“ in Vilnius, in 2015 in Vilnius City Hall, in Alytus public library of Jurgis Kunčinas, in Marijampolė‘s cultural center, in Vievis‘s library and elsewhere.
About in 1980 M. Norkus began to work in Lithuanian television, it appeared great opportunities to photograph, in various events met, famous cultural and public delegates, to fixates the portraits of the met people, to record memorable moments. In Lithuanian television M. Norkus began to work since he was 18 years old: from the first – as a worker, a builder of decorations, a prop, an artist‘s, later – an operator‘s – assistant. “I was taking care of the shooting‘s organization, decorations, hotels commission.“
The first photograph of M. Norkus has been created exactly 39 years ago – it has been the portrait of Viktoras Kuprevičius, a father of Giedrius Kuprevičius. During the exhibition‘s opening the photographer mentioned that a negative of this created photograph has been waiting 39 years.
A bit later, the fate took him to Lithuanian cinematic studio, where he worked as a deputy of the artistic films director, assisted in the cinematic studio of director Vytautas Žalakevičius “Studio 2000“. Remembering his job, M. Norkus says, that now his position would be called “producer‘s assistant“.
In the photographs exhibition “Moments“ there are fixated portraits of famous cultural and public characters, actors, writers, artists, a part of these people have already gone: actress Rūta Staliliūnaitė, writer Jurga Ivanauskaitė, photographer and traveler Paulius Normantas, poet Sigitas Geda, philosopher, professor Leonidas Donskis.
Portrait‘s genre has its particularity in documentary photography. In the fixated photographs of M. Norkus – in the portraits of famous cultural and public characters, theatrical actors – the caught unexpected moment is very important. In portrait‘s photography there are very important a posture, a relation with an environment, an accent of clothing details, facial expression‘s features and a look. Talking about the photography, M. Norkus says: “The cinema has already lost its attraction to me, but the photography still attracts me. Maybe I don‘t like only the new modern photography, I stay to portraits, the photography of Vilnius streets“.
Presenting the exhibition, its author summarized laconically: “That are the moments of my life“. In the exhibition were presented more than fourty portraits of famous cultural and public characters, that have been started to fixate since 1975, and, that the author have been creating till now.
Talking about the creation of photographs and the creative process, M. Norkus highlighted, that he does not call himself a photographer, rather – an observer of the events or a fixer.
In the exhibition‘s opening participated the heroes of the photographer‘s portraits too: legendary senior generation actress Regina Varnaitė and sculptor Leonas Strioga. The exhibition‘s author presented them portraits of each other, that were exhibited in the exhibition too, and honorable guests left their autographs on the photographs with dedications to the author.
“Mindaugas Norkus has always been thrown by the fate to some artistic swirls, have always been crawling people around him. And have always been creative, sometimes weird, sometimes with difficult characters, however, without a doubt – original and interesting, fixated in certain moment of their life…“. That about M. Norkus‘s photographs has been written by writer, screenwriter, director, actor Alvydas Šlepikas.
And working in television, and – in radio, M. Norkus has always had a camera with himself. “Wherever I have been going, I have always had near my best friend – camera. I was trying to fixate near being people in various situations, still then, when it was using the photo film. Sometimes I didn‘t like the made shot, but to come back to that moment is impossible.“
M. Norkus worked not only in documentary photography, but, also, in documentary cinematic sphere: M. Norkus worked to the creation of these films: “The Weekend in Hell“ (dir. V. Žalakevičius), “The Wedding in Forest“ (dir. A. Araminas), “Iron Princess“ (dir. A. Araminas),“Ticket to Taj Mahal“ (dir. A. Puipa), “Awakening“, “Ouzel – Green Bird“ (dir. J. Vaitkus), “Beast, Coming from the Sea“ (dir. V. Žalakevičius), “Opera at Home“ (about artist from Kaunas Liudas Truikis).
During the whole time of the creative road, M. Norkus succeeded to fixate many famous actors: R. Adomaitis, R. Staliliūnaitė, G. Girdvainis, R. Ramanauskas, D. Banionis and many others, met on the film sets, become the good friends. The author himself says: “People, whose faces were saved by my photo film, are priceless Lithuanian cultural diamonds…“
M. Norkus had an opportunity to work together with actress Ona Juodytė-Chadaravičienė by creating video film “Drowned“, where actress Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė played the main role. The single photographs cycle created of the portraits of Lithuanian directors: A. Araminas, G. Lukšas, J. Vaitkus, A. Puipa. M. Norkus became especially good friends with M. Giedrius. He created amateur cinematic film about K. Kymantaitė. The single photographs cycle could be dedicated to artists, musicians (S. Sondeckis, R. Ščedrinas, prima ballerina Maja Pliseckaja, also, recorded in M. Norkus‘s photographs).
In exhibition “Moments“ M. Norkus presents a part of his created portraits, which is important fragment, testimony of single creator‘s life and activity, also – a part of Lithuanian cultural fixated photographic story.
“I often think: why I didn‘t fixate a meet with one or another sweet, interesting, famous person – I lost, I didn‘t record the moment. The time is ruthless, it staves off everything, it covers with fog. The memories fade away and you woudn‘t recognize the people, that you knew once, if it‘s not the photograph – suspended moment…“ – says M. Norkus.
Photographer M. Norkus‘s personal exhibition “Moments“ will function till February 12 in Kaunas cultural center “House of Nation“ (Vytauto pr. 79).
Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė

Gabrielegallery announce: Photographer Iridijus Švelnys creation in the international art fair “PARRALAX ART FAIR“ in United Kingdom is presenting Public institution „GABRIELEGALLERY“
On 24-27 th of February in the international art fair “PARRALAX ART FAIR”, wich will be in the United Kingdom, photographer Iridijus Švelnys will be representing five photoworks interactive story from the serie „Lithuanian old city“. In his interactive photography serie Iridijus Švelnys is representing Lithuanian old town beauty for exhibitions and fairs in all countries in the world.
Photographer Iridijus Švelnys lives and works in Kaunas. He was studied at Kaunas University of Technology radio Electronics, later studied and obtein Master degree at ISM. From 2016 he is colloborating with Public institution “Gabrielegallery” (
Young generation photographer Iridijus Švelnys from last year was organized and take participate in 10 group exhibitions in Lithuania and also in Germany, now he take participate in international art fair London.
Most of important exhibition’s is : 2015 December was solo instaliation exhibition Press realize. 2016 on March in the Embassy in Berlin, Germany , personal exhibition “In the life is very easy, but not simple” curator Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. 2016 On June – August In the Historical Baron Miunhauzen Castle in Lithuanian Photo Biennial the general theme of Biennial was “Photographic stories” firsth time was represented interactive photo works serie “Lithuanian old city” biennial curators: art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, artist Jūratė Sližytė. 2016 On September photo works serie “Lithuanian old city” was represented at the National Kaunas drama Theather.
Philosophical and ironic photographer I. Švelnys is vision of the city. Conception of submission is representing in geometrical form of circle, which allows for viewer a view to see one hundred and eighty degrees. In I. Švelnys photography important fragments is details of architecture, which reveals through the symbols, through the roofs, often a symbol of the city is surrounded by the stars into broken symbols.
In the photographer I. Švelnys works is very important relathion with a Nature and Earth also with a Sky connection. In the everyone photo work is important nuances of colours: is general connection of three or more colours: blue, green, black and yellow colour nuances of colors and shades.
In I. Švelnys creation presentation and exhibitions openings said: in the everyone photography is very important colorful shades: blue, green and yeallow colours. In his creation representations photographer said that in his creation three spheres – triad is connect in one place: photography, psychology and philosophy. When photographer Iridijus Švelnys talking about his creation said: photography is a visual tool – to feel and express conception ten times better, neither written in his letters (raidėse). Philosophy is my aspirational and inspiration. It is my ideal world, which I pursuing (vejuos) with my works, actings, challenges providing the highest goals. Psychology is the third element in creation, which help in the process to fell emotional feels, which is very bright in his exhibitions also in his photo albums.
I. Švelnys is creating not traditional photography, in his artistic and philosophical narrative is connected psychology and philosophy, which have special environmental aspect also psychological and emotional experience, which is very bright in his exhibitions also in his photo albums.
Public institution “Gabrielegallery” is working with different international projects take participate in internationals exhibitions and fairs in United Kingdom. In this international art fair “PARRALAX ART FAIR”, Public institution “Gabrielegallery” takes participate how guest first time.
PARRALAX ART FAIR is the most largest indenpendant Art fair in London. Every year this international fair “PARRALAX ART FAIR” have over 40 000 visitors, over 300 famous gallerists and over 2 000 creative entrepreneurs from around the world, globe showcase 7 000 + products including painting, sculpture, jewellery, textile art, photography and craft arts.
Press realize for international press is preapeared by art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė text .
More information about international fair organizers: atsidarys naujame lange
More information about international fair partners: atsidarys naujame lange

I am happy to represent my colleague, famous international exhibition curator and art critic from Italy Valerio Mazzetti Rossi.
More information about international curator activity and critical rapports we can find in this adress: atsidarys naujame lange

In 2017 January 4, during LRT television show “Good day, Lithuania“, we presented our gallerie‘s artist bookbinder Leonora Kuisienė‘s creation work. For the reportage we thank to journalist Giedrė Baltrušaitytė. We offer to have a look at artist Leonora Kuisienė‘s creation work once more: The link will open in new window.
We share the reportage from artist Leonora Kuisienė‘s studio: The link will open in new window.
This year, on December 8, at 5 pm, in Berolina-Galerie in Rathaus, Berlin, will run the united of two artists plastic and pictorial works exhibition. Gabrielė Beering-Žemaitytė (Plastic art) and Tobias Beering (Painting) will present their works. More information will be in the attachments.



Currently in Kaunas city museum, in Lithuanian music history department of M. and K. Petrauskas (address: K. Petrauskas str 31), runs photographer Kristina Valasevičienė‘s photographs exhibition “Photocopiers“. The exhibition‘s tutor – art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. The exhibition‘s organizers – PI “Gabrielė‘s art gallery“. The exhibition‘s sponsors – “Kaunas Photo Club“. The exhibition will run till December 23. The authors of photographs from the exhibition‘s opening – photographer Petras Vaičiulis and Gabrielė Kuizinaitė.


Fragments from the exhibition of photographer Kristina Sereikaitė “Innocence“, in the National Kaunas Drama Theater, Rūta‘s Hall Lobby, the exhibition‘s tutor – Gabrielė Kuizinaitė.

Renata Baltrušaitytė interview with Alis Balbierius “Contrasts of Ice times“// 2016 October 13

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Photographer E. Kupriščenka – about exhibition “Theater – just like Life – Life – just like Theater“// 2016 October 7

Fragments from Alis Balbierius‘s photographs exhibition “ICE INCLUSIONS“. The exhibition‘s tutor – Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. The exhibition was in 2016 October 11 in Kaunas city museum, in Lithuanian music history department of M. and K. Petrauskas. Pictures were taken by Jurgita Ragaišienė.

The article about photographer Iridijus Švelnys‘s exhibition: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Iridijus Švelnys‘s photographic narration about Lithuanian Old Towns“// 2016 September 29

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “The Thirteenth Kaunas Photo: the fragments of exhibitions and events diaries“//2016 September 20

Exhibition “Burning man“ in Prague

In September 14, on Wednesday, in the gallery Zahradnik, which is in Prague Old Town, it is opened exhibition of Romualdas Požerskis and Monika Požerskytė “Burning man“. In the exhibition are presented, by Lithuanian photographers fixated, one of the most famous and original festivals in the world “Burning man“, which runs in Nevada desert (the USA), moments, sculptures, the most fantastic artistic cars, light-fire instalations, performances, earth art objects and body painting pieces.

In the first performance, which was in 1986 in San Francisco Baker Beach, participated and burnt together the wooden 2,5 metres high human sculpture only 20 people. In 1986 the group of 80 enthusiasts migrated to Nevada, the desert of Black stone. Eventually, the height of sculpture grew, and together with it – the number of participants, which reached 70 thousands in 2014. In Nevada, in the desert of Black stone, were built over three thousands projects and installed over three hundreds sculptures.
In the Prague gallery Zahradnik will be shown, specially prepared, R. Požerskis‘s and M. Požerskytė‘s photographs projection, which images the most interesting various countries of the world and Lithuanian artistic projects, that were exhibited in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 in festivals “Burning man“. In 2011 was the first Lithuanian camp, in which runned Donatas Jankauskas‘s (Duonis‘s) Fluxus clay creative workshop, in the wilderness was being pulled, brought from Lithuania, Blukis, Tomas Dobrovolskis organized percussion‘s sessions and concerts. During the seances of “Velokinas“, carrying by Jonas Dovydėnas, were shown Lithuanian Robertas Verba‘s, Jonas Mekas‘s and other authors short length films. In 2013 Lithuanians built Ieva Marija Dautartaitė‘s and Žilvinas Stankevičius‘s sculpture “Birds of Lituanica“, dedicated to notice to the flight through Atlantic of Darius and Girėnas. In 2014 in the festival was Marija Dautartaitė‘s light instalation “Field of Silicone“ and in 2016 – Leonordo da Vinci‘s times musical instruments workshop.

The exhibition will be till October 16.

The exhibition‘s sponsor – Lithuanian Republican embassy in Czech Republic.

More information:

Lithuanian and Latvian photographie‘s classics in Prague.

In September 13, in Prague, in City Hall‘s Knights hall, will be photographs exhibition‘s Lithuanian classics and Gunars Binde opening. In the heart of Prague‘s old town displayed exhibition viewers can visit till October 9.
In the exhibition presented works are from Antanas Sutkus‘s (was born in 1939) photographs cycle Lithuanian people, Aleksandras Macijauskas‘s (was born in 1938) series Lithuanian bazaars, Romualdas Rakauskas‘s (was born in 1941) cycle Florescence, Romualdas Požerskis‘s (was born in 1951) photographic story about small height villager Little Alfonsas and Virgilijus Šonta‘s pieces from various his photographs series. Lithuanian photographie‘s classics works exposition supplements famous Latvian photographer Gunars Binde‘s (was born in 1933) selected works from his creation work.
In the Prague living tutor and publisher Garik Avanesian‘s organized exhibition extends long-term traditions of two countries co-operation in photographie‘s sphere. In Soviet times to Lithuanian photographers, found behind iron curtain, helped to improve magazine Revue Fotografie, published in contemporary Czechoslovakia and available in Lithuania, and Czech publishers and photographers (Daniela Mrazkova, prof. Vladimir Birgus, prof. Liudvik Baran) took care of Lithuanian authors creation work‘s dispersion in the Western world.
It is not a coincidence, that Latvian photographer G. Binde‘s creation work is displayed in the exhibition too. This author connects long-term and close relations with Lithuanian photography. In Lithuanian photographers communitie‘s creative and organizing activity G. Binde has been participating since XX centurie‘s seventh decade. In the same time G. Binde has already become Latvian photographie‘s icon too and famous photographer in all contemporary Soviet union.
In the exhibition presented Lithuanian and Latvian photography connects with humanistic photographie‘s direction, which in the Western photography reached its apogee in the last centurie‘s middle and influenced the creative path to contemporary beginners Lithuanian photographers. The most important in this photographie‘s direction are universal human experience‘s reflection, a possibility to viewer to recognize himself in it and his own experiences. On the other hand, the international humanistic photographie‘s direction in Lithuanian authors creation work get peculiar, historical circumstances formed purpose to save Lithuanian national identity and culture, by fixating village and its traditional lifestyle in the photographs. During Soviet times, national identitie‘s theme had indirect opposition‘s shade to former political situation. Now this photography represents Lithuanian culture and history in freedom conditions, fascinates original nostalgia to the past time.
Tomas Pabedinskas

The exhibition‘s sponsor – Lithuanian Republican embassy in Czech Republic.

The information about our gallerie‘s artist Ewa Pohlke‘s initiated international project:


The information about thirteenth international Kaunas Photo first photography festival‘s events in kamane 2016-08-26

The information about artist Jūratė Sližytė‘s curated exhibition in Germany, has already been in German press:


The information about artist Jūratė Sližytė‘s curated exhibition in Germany: “Quartet. Lithuanian accents“ 2016-08-17

The information about artist Jūratė Sližytė‘s curated exhibition in Germany: “Quartet. Lithuanian accents“ in kamane 2016-08-17

In this day “Kaunas day“, “Santaka supplement“, there is an article about our my friend artist Jūratė Sližytė exhibition “Quartet. Lithuanian accents“.



The exhibition “Quartet. Lithuanian accents“ in Germany
This year, in August 26, at 6 pm, in the Historical barons Munchausen familie‘s castle, settled in Hobeck gallery (Leitzke, Germany), will be four famous artists from Lithuania exhibition‘s “Quartet. Lithuanian accents“ opening. The exhibition‘s tutor – living and creating in Germany artist Jūratė Sližytė. In the exhibition will present their works famous and acknowledged, creating in different spheres, artists: Andrius Miežis (painting), Deivis Slavinskas (painting), Gintaras Kuras (jewelry), Jūratė Sližytė (wood miniatures).
Born in Vilnius painter, living in Kretinga, Andrius Miežis has organized 20 personal exhibitions, participated in more than twenty republican exhibitions, also – in the international exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Georgia and other countries. In 2012 LR Culture ministry gave to him art creator‘s status. In his creation work A. Miežis combines painting and photo montages, pop art and postmodern stylistics.
In big format bright shades canvas, that are decorated with effective geometrically shapes details, painter A. Miežis pictures different fantastic figures/animals stories, that become small theatrical scenes, in which is strong feeling of irony and playfulness. In A. Miežis‘s painting artistic narrative there are especially important irony and grotesque.
Young generation painter Deivis Slavinskas lives and creates in Kaunas. However, this artist‘s creative experience includes traditions of Western and Eastern countries. In 1987-1991 D. Slavinskas graduated from Kaunas art school, in 1991-1995 – Vytautas Magnus university, where he finished computer‘s graphics bachelor studies. In 1995-1998 he was studying at A. Šatas and V. Kašinskas. In 1995-2014 he was working as a designer in Lithuania, Germany and England, parallely painting and participating in exhibitions. He has earnt international awards for art and design. D. Slavinskas participated in thirty personal and group exhibitions in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Lithuania. His works are get by private collections: in the USA, Great Britain, France, Norway, Lithuania.
His creative stylistics balances between the searches of chaos, harmony, balance and rhythm. There are especially felt musical sound of lines, in the creation work strong connection with Eastern cultures esthetics, which helps to highlight emotional plane. I dare to divide D. Slavinskas‘s pictures to two groups: planes of canvas with bright shades and non-traditional texture, reminding textile art, and expressive canvas, in which dominates theatrical-fantastic miniature decorativeness, figurative, peculiar artistic narrative, which is created rhythm and coloring.
In the exhibition jewelry sphere is represented by Gintaras Kuras. G. Kuras was born in 1957, he was learning jeweler‘s profession at folk master Algirdas Petrusevičius. In 1978 he started to work as a jeweler in Kaunas Art factory, amber-metallic processing workshop. In 1980 it was given the name of folk master to him. He is a member of Lithuanian folk artists union, a member of Metal art Guild of Canada, the Guild of Jewelry Designers (Great Britain). He has organized personal exhibitions in various Kaunas‘s galleries: “Kaunas‘s Window“, “White“ and in Kaunas design‘s salon. He participated in group exhibitions: in Estonia, Japan, Russia, America, Canada, Israel.
In G. Kuras‘s, who is from Kaunas, works dominate various jewelry and metallic technologies: he creates original forms decorations, by using precious materials to the creation work of decorations: bronze, copper, melchior, German silver, he often experiments by connecting them with non-traditional materials. G. Kuras’s creation work stands out contemporary modern forms, precisely improved details. Often G. Kuras’s created decoration gets nut-coconut, deformed stone or shell form shape. In this exhibition Gintaras Kuras presents newly created decorations collection.
Jūratė Sližytė – graphic artist, since 2006 she has belonged to German artists union. Jūratė has finished J. Naujalis art school, studied in Šiauliai pedagogical university, later – in Vilnius art institute‘s Kaunas faculty. In 1990 J. Sližytė won international stipend “Artists Unlimited“, since then she has been living and creating in Germany. The artist has created many interiors, also, many years she was working in industrial product‘s sphere. She has participated in about 40 international and group exhibitions, she has organized 8 personal exhibitions. The artist organizes and implements big dimension international projects not only in Germany but, also, in Lithuania, collaborates with various spheres artists. The artist is also a tutor of exhibitions. J. Sližytė organizes international art auctions, plein airs and biennials. By organizing various natures events in the Historical barons Munchausen familie‘s castle Jūratė Sližytė hopes, that cozy Leitzke locality in Germany will become Lithuanian artists, represented various spheres, place of meet and presentation. In her creation work the artist combines even three different technologies, in her graphic arts there are bright traits, inherent both, to Western and to Lithuanian cultures. This exhibiton is new, thought by artist J. Sližytė, project‘s “Jūratė and her friends“ start. To her it is very important to present the artist, not only as a creator, but, also, as a friend, pal, to present his creation work to German art lovers too. In general famous four Lithuanian artists exhibition graphic artist Jūratė Sližytė presents ten small size graphic stories in wood. To her creation work a lot of influence has Eastern culture, from these cultures J. Sližytė uses some symbols and various stories in her works, by connecting them with personal narrative. In J. Sližytė‘s creation work there are many minor details and symbols, in every technique and in every art work she searches new ways of expression. Like in painter A. Miežis‘s big format canvas, so in J. Sližytė‘s little stories, it is important grotesque and ironic relation with world. In the exhibition she presents pieces “Cactuses“, “Fish“, “Maker of clouds“, “Fitness once and for all“, “The Look“, “Turtle“, “Tea‘s Titanic“, “Aquarium“, “Konsumavimas“… In the exhibition‘s opening will participate all four artists.
The exhibition‘s organizers: Förderkreis Kultur und Denkmalpflege e. v. The exhibition will be till September 30.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė

Hello, I share photographer Grafas Paulius‘s photo-report from graphic artist Oksana Judakova photographs exhibition “And own, and foreign land Altai“. Currently the exhibition runs in Kaunas citie‘s museum, Lithuanian music department of M. and K. Petrauskas (address: K. Petrauskas str 31). The exhibition will run till August 31.

Assoc. dr. Remigijus Venckus “Lithuanian photography – to German public“ 2016-08-05

The article about painter Violeta Rudinskaitė-Juodzevičienė‘s creation work: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Abstracted V. Rudinskaitė-Juodzevičienė‘s world of colors and signs“//2016-07-30

Hello, I share photo-report from painter Violeta Rudinskaitė-Juodzevičienė‘s exposure moments from the exhibition. The exhibition was this year, on July 1-31, in our partners Kaunas citie‘s museum, Lithuanian music history department of M. and K. Petrauskas. Pictures were taken by Gabrielė Kuizinaitė and museum‘s employees.

Hello, in News section you can watch photo-reports of the latest exhibitions. We share painter Rūta Levulienė‘s moments of her personal exhibition, which was this year, on June 2-30, the exhibition was in our partners spaces, in Kaunas citie‘s museum, Lithuanian music history department of M. and K. Petrauskas. Pictures of the exhibition‘s opening were taken by photographer Antanas Untydi.

Lithuanian photo art biennial‘s art critic, reviewer, photographer and media artist Assoc. dr. Remigijus Venckus‘s synoptical article, which is published in Kamane:

Hello, the reportage about Lithuanian Photo Art biennial event “Photographic stories“ is broadcasted via Berlin and Brandenburg televisions. German journalists paid attention to famous Lithuanian photographer professor Romualdas Požerskis‘s and his daughter photographer Monika Požerskytė‘s created photographs cycle “Burning man“.…/Bienn…/rbb-Fernsehen/Video…

Hello, we invite to watch photo-report from the opening of Lithuanian Photo Art biennial “Photographic stories“. Currently biennial‘s exhibition runs in Historical Baron Munchausen family castle, in Leitzke, Germany. In the exhibition it is presented the creation work of twelve professional Lithuanian photographers: Alis Balbierius, assoc. dr. Remigijus Venckus, assoc. dr. Rimantas Plungė, professor Romualdas Požerskis, Monika Požerskytė, Rymantas Penkauskas, Gintaras Jaronis, Vilija Kailiūtė, Robertas Misiukonis, Kristina Valasevičienė, Iridijus Švelnys, Eglė Ščerbinskaitė. For the photo-report we thank to photographer Kristina Valasevičienė and Gintaras Valasevičius. The exhibition‘s organizers: Förderkreis Kultur und Denkmalpflege e. v. (Deutchland), Künstlerin und Kuratorin der Austellung Jūratė Sližytė (Deutchland), Öffentliche Einrichtung “Gabrielė‘s art gallery“.
The exhibition‘s tutors – graphic artist Jūratė Sližytė (Germany) and art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė (Lithuania). The exhibition will run till August 7.

About Lithuanian Photo Art biennial is written in German press:


About Lithuanian Photo Art biennial is written in German press:


I share the photo-report from Lithuanian Photo Art biennial, which was in Germany
We were filmed by channel MDR:

Information about Lithuanian Photo Art biennial event in Germany in “Kaunas day“: The link will open in new window.
Information about Lithuanian Photo Art biennial in Lithuanian Republican Culture ministerie‘s web page: The link will open in new window. . The link will open in new window.
Information about Lithuanian Photo Art biennial event “Photographic stories“ in Germany in Kamane:

Parodos plakatas

In Lithuanian Photo Art biennial “Photographic stories“ will be presented the creation work of 12 professional Lithuanian photographers, the attention will be paid to media art. This year, on June 25, at 8 pm, in Historical Baron Munchausen family castle, in Hobeck gallery (in Leitzke, Germany), will be opened Lithuanian Photo Art biennial, which the main theme – “Photographic stories“. In Lithuanian Photo Art biennial, in Germany, it will be presented the creation work of these photographers: Alis Balbierius, assoc. dr. Remigijus Venckus, assoc. dr. Rimantas Plungė, professor Romualdas Požerskis, Monika Požerskytė, Rymantas Penkauskas, Gintaras Jaronis, Vilija Kailiūtė, Robertas Misiukonis, Kristina Valasevičienė, Iridijus Švelnys, Eglė Ščerbinskaitė. The exhibition‘s tutors – artist and organizer Jūratė Sližytė (Leitzke, Germany) and art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė (Lithuania).

According to famous photographer Romualdas Požerskis, on the 17th of May will be the opening of the exhibition of four famous Lithuanian photographers classics in Prague.

4 Photographers (1)

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Kaunas Photo Club presents the greatest cianotipia in Lithuania“// “Kaunas Day“ 2016-05-02

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė interview with professor Rasutė Andriušytė-Žukienė:

“Kaunas Day“ // 2016-04-29
Kornelija Ragytė “Newly opened window from Kaunas to the World“ // 2016-04-26
Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Encoded experiences in the material of E. Kartanas‘s creation work“ “Kaunas Day“ 2016-04-24
Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Comeback to the beginning of artistic searches“


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Our gallerie‘s artist, living and creating in Klaipėda, Egidija Brinkytė, this year, on April 8, will present her creation work in the international project “100 hours of art“. Museum Quartier in Vienna. Project‘s tutor Mmag. Dr. Rolf LAVEN.

More information can be found in the exhibition‘s poster:


The exhibition of M. Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė “Garments“

In Pažaislis hospitality complex “Monte Pacis“ till May 1 will run personal textile artist Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė‘s exhibition, in which will be exhibited works from the latest tapestries cycle “Garments“.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “The aim to rethink time, history continuation, material importance and sacredness“ // 2016-03-29

About photographer Iridijus Švelnys‘s exhibition “In life everything is simple but not easy“, which runs till April 17 in LR Embassy in Berlin, it is written: Doctor Volker Niemer and physician Karin Parutch. We share the exhibition‘s evaluation in German:

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “The young jewelry: the combine of handicraft and creation work“, “Kaunas Day“ // 2016-03-08
You can see pictures of photographer Iridijus Švelnys in Berlin:
Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “In the sight of Kaunas photographers – themes and styles variety“ // published in “Kaunas Day“ 2016-03-02
Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Three time reflection‘s scripts in the creation work of Kaunas young painters“ // published in “Literature and art“ 2016-02-23, reprinted in “Kamanė“
Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “The sight to poetic painter A. Petrašiūnaitė‘s pictures world“ // “Kamanė“ 2016-02-22

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “Artist G. Vaičys: to me is important not to lie“ // “Kaunas Day“ 2016-02-07 The link will open in a new window.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė “The sight to the world through the eyes of fish“ The link will open in a new window. 2016-01-28, “Kaunas Day“.

The latest photographers books:
Photographer Iridijus Švelnys photo-book “In life everything is simple but not easy“.
Photographer Iridijus Švelnys’s artistic book can be get by address: The link will open in a new window.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. “New G. Bartelt life’s “Trophy“. 2015-12-22 The link will open in a new window.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. “Antanas Obcarskas’s creation work: from expression till minimalism“. 2015.12.09. The link will open in a new window.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. “Textile styles connect and themes variety“. 2015.12.11. “Kaunas Day“. The link will open in a new window.

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė. “Antanas Obcarskas creation work’s garden harvest“. 2015.11.19 “Kaunas Day“
Artist A. Obcarskas creation work’s garden harvest: