Margarita Adomavičienė

Margarita Adomavičienė was born in 1976 years. She is an independent Lithuanian artist. Margarita works and lives in Kaunas. She is painting, creating assemblies and shapes from metal creating from metal for recycling. In 1994 Graduated from Panevėžys Art School. In 2000 she was graduated from Kaunas Technical University as a qualified Engineer of Information Technology. In 2011 Bachelor’s degree in Energy from Kaunas Technical College. After the birth of her familly and the birth of her children, Margarita was away from art for a while, but her unfulfilled desires, visions and dreams did not calm her, so she started to create again in 2013-2014 years. Nature’s motifs, symbols and everything that surrounds us dominate the works. It is important for the artist to express her moods, emotion‘s as they relate to her surroundings, familly and nature. The works are vivid, expressive, with their inner worlds, their inner lives. Travel, countries visited greatly influence work. Became acrylic on canvas.