Liucija Karalienė

Liucija Karalienė

I started taking pictures so I didn’t have to talk. Speaking is not my strength. Photography helps me reveal what lies inside me. It helps to say how I feel, what oppresses me, what makes me happy, what I live for. Image is the most acceptable way for me to talk. Photography identifies me with the path I have to take. It’s kind of for me. Through my eyes I can reach the inside of people. It is very important to me. It is important to speak to the heart of the viewer. Speak in such a way that he would stop for at least a moment and see what he had not seen until this second. My photography is about me. About my inner demons, shadows, claims to life and myself. About questions that can be answered not in words but in images. It’s like a journey that saved me from inner doom. Looking for ways to say what seems wrong to me but acceptable. Immoral but standard. It’s not easy to show, but it frees me from meaningless words, loud reflections, easy defaults. Different states live in every body. It is not easy to understand and survive them. I believe my images help to survive not only for me. I believe they heal. Maybe even by opening the wounds I will heal the soul. Someone else, one who watches and sees.

2019 granted the status of a Lithuanian artist. 2019 awarded the title of Lithuanian photographer.

2005-2008 Panevėžys ‘Šaltinis’ Secondary School.
2009-2012 KTU Panevėžys management specialty.
2013-2019 KTU Panevėžys Faculty of Industrial Technology Management.

2015 Panevėžys ‘Šaltinėlis’ Library. Personal exhibition ‘No / Doll’.
2016 Panevėžys Photography Gallery personal exhibition ‘Šhhh / I am’.
2019 Palace of Culture in Paįstrys personal exhibition ‘No | doll ‘.
2020 Šiauliai Laiptų gallery personal exhibition ‘POISON’.
2020 Dusetos Art Gallery personal exhibition ‘LINE | POISON ‘.

2014 Annual exhibition of Panevėžys Photography Society.
2015 Exhibition-project of Panevėžys young photographers ‘Flashes’.
2015 Panevėžys annual exhibition of photographers.
2016 ‘Past-present’ photography project with a photographer
Irena Giedraitiene. In Panevėžys city municipality.
2016 ‘GlazzJazz’ photography project at Panevėžys Art Gallery.
2016 The ‘Memories of the Future’ project took place in Panevėžys Photography in the gallery.
2018 ‘Closed areas’: the πR dimension Užupis Galera
2020 Cultural parallels “Panevėžys photographers” Gallery A.
2020 X: Free space Gallery A.
2020 Ego A gallery

2018 International seminar in Nida. The Lithuanian Photographic Artists’ Union together with the Nida Cultural Center ‘Agila’ organized the seminar;
won the special prize in the photography competition ‘We are photographing in Nida’.

Daily ‘Sekundė’ (2016), Cultural Magazine ‘Senvagė’ (2019) Daily ‘Sekundė’ (2019) Press photography (2019) Panevėžys Society of Photographers photo album. On the ‘Bernardines’ web portal.