Lina Morkūnaitė-Vilkelienė

Painter Lina Morkūnaitė-Vilkelienė lives and works in Kaunas.
Since 2017 – member of the International Union of Artists Europa Focus (Germany).

In 2016, a workshop with Bosuk Lee – an artist and 21st Century International Creative artists association. (ICAA President, 21 C).
In the years 2014-2015 individual lessons, taught by artist Audronė Petrašiūnaitė.
In 2010-2015 individual lessons with the artist Antanas Obcarskas.
In 2013 Kaunas A. Martinaitis Art School.
In 2010, the Kaunas Old Town Club, courses for composition.
In 2009, the Kaunas Old Town Club, abstract painting courses.
In 2009, the Kaunas Old Town Club, interior design courses.
In 2009 Kaunas Old Town Club has a history of architecture and design.
In 2007 Kaunas University of Technology, Bachelor of Design and Technology.


In 2017 “Inner Demons” Kaunas Town Hall, Kaunas.
In 2017 “(No) Be”, National Kaunas Drama Theater, Kaunas.
2016 “Still-life”, Park Gallery, Kaunas.
2016 “Still-life”, A. Stulginskis University Library, Kaunas.
In 2015, “Pending Empty” Gallery of Pylim, Vilnius will be held.
In 2015 “Moment” Kaunas Cultural Center “Nation’s House”, Kaunas.
In 2014, “Red”, the museum “Perkūno namas”, Kaunas.
In 2014 “Sides” gallery “Balta”, Kaunas.
In 2017 “Inner Demons”, Kaunas Town Hall.


In 2014 Kaunas Municipality scholarship for young artist.


2017 ‘never-ending process, together with Donora Manuk, Gallery Weekend in Kaunas, 2017. “Art Bank“, Kaunas.


2017 “Endless Processes” with Donora Manuk, Gallery Weekend, Kaunas in 2017 “Art Bank”, Kaunas.
2017 “Creative Stagnation 2”. Ode to work unfinished. Group of young people
Exhibition of Artists, Gallery of VMU “101”, Kaunas.
2017 “Create. History. Now young artists II-nd part of the project sketches, sketches exhibition in the gallery” art form “, Kaunas.
2016 Color-Mood-symbol, the white piece exhibition contest, gallery “White”, Kaunas.
2016 “Create. History. Now, young artists I th project part- sketches exhibition, gallery” Art Form”, Kaunas.
In 2016, “Art Intensity. Perceptions.” II International Alytus Youth
developer biennial, Alytus gallery.
In 2016, “I – Stagnation” international exhibition of young artists, Šiauliai
University Art Gallery.
2015 “Self Memories. The contemporary Scene of Awareness.” International Art Exhibition, Festival, Venice Art House and Pallazzo Ca ‘Zanardi, Venice, Italy.
2015 “The Art of Measure: Time”. 1st International Biennale of Alytus Visual Art “, Alytus Gallery.
In 2015, “Storabranna peiza = as” Follinge Gallery, Follinge Sweden.
In 2015 Raudondvaris Estate Art Incubator, Raudondvaris.
In 2014 “Color-mood-a symbol”, a white work exhibition, a competition
gallery “White”. Kaunas.


In 2017, “Cosmos Sound”, an international, interdisciplinary group of young artists,
exhibition of paintings, culture and art site “LARGO”, Kaunas.


Prof. A. Strumillo 90th anniversary for its curated international, interdisciplinary Plein Air – Symposium
“Worship the Ascetic”, Augustow, Poland.
2017 “Stop, Kaunas”, music and art event, Kaunas railway
the station
In 2017, “Space Sounds” is an international, interdisciplinary young artist
exhibition of paintings, culture and art site “LARGO”, Kaunas.
In 2017, “The Best Work of 2016”, M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum,
Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2016 “Dubysa in 2016”, Zalensas homestead, Padubysis village.
2016 “The Best Work of the Year 2015” by M. K. Čiurlionis Art
Museum, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
In 2015, “We are meeting in a creative way”, Kaunas District. municipalities
Public Library, Garliava.
In 2015 “Light Spells”, S. Nėris Memorial Museum, Kaunas.
In 2015 “2 Years”, Kaunas Cultural Center of various nations.
Directorate of Breeders Regional Park “Šlavantas 2015” in 2015.
2015 Summer in Nemajūnai, Birštonas Kurhauzas Gallery.
2015 Alaska 2015 Sadeikiai Gallery.
2015 “The Best Work of the Year 2014” by M. K. Čiurlionis
Art Museum, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
In 2015 “Revival” Kaunas County Public Library and Kaunas
“Girstutis” Cultural Center.
In 2014, K. Donelaitis‘s Ranges Of Vision, S. Nėris Memorial Museum,
In 2014, Painting Meditation, the Eastern Cultural Studio Wudang Tao,
2014 Summer in Nemajūnai, Birštonas Kurhauzas Gallery.
2014 “The Best Work of 2013”, M. K. Čiurlionis Art
Museum, Kaunas Picture Gallery.
2013 Abstraction Kaunas City Municipality.
In 2013, “Abstraction” Kaunas City Courthouse.
In 2012 “Painting” Kaunas Chamber of Children and Students.
In 2012 “Painting” Kaunas A. Martinaitis Art School.
In 2009 “Improvisation” Kaunas Old Town Club.


2017 Prof. A. Strumillo dedicated his 90th anniversary to his trained
international, interdisciplinary plenary, symposium “Worship of Asceticism”
Augustow, Poland.
In 2016, the Lithuanian Artists’ Union and the National Blood Center
project “Praliek krauju” Kaunas.
In 2016, the International Painting Plener-Symposium “Dubysa 2016”, Padubysis village
2016 Painting Plein-air “Gudašiai Winter”, Gudašiai.
2015 Painting Plein-air “Storabranna Landscape”, Storabranna, Sweden.
2015 Painting Plein-air “Alaušas 2015”, Sudeikiai.
In 2015 Painting Plein-air “Summer in the Nemajūnai”, Nemajūnai.
In 2015 Painting Plein-air “Raudondvaris Manor District” Raudondvaris.
In 2015, Painting Plein-air “Light Spells” at S. Nėris Memorial,
Museum, Kaunas.
2015 Painting Plein-air “Šlavantas” 2015 Veisėjai
Painting plein-air “Winter in the woods”, Padumbliai in 2015.
In 2014, Painters’ Plein-air, dedicated to K. Donelaitis
“K. Donelaitis‘s Ranges Of Vision”. S. Nėris Memorial Museum, Kaunas.
In 2014, the painting plein-air “Summer in Nemajūnai”, Nemajūnai.


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