Leonora Kuisienė

In 1997-2001 Leonora Kuisienė was studying in Kaunas higher art school, where she get a qualification of art pedagogy. In 2003-2010 L. Kuisienė was living in the United Kingdom, here she was practising informal artistic children education. Since 2010 she has been working in artistic bookbinding sphere. Currently the artist lives and creates in Kaunas.

Since 2013 Leonora Kuisienė has participated in these exhibitions: in 2014 and 2016 she participated in general bookbinding exhibitions, in the international applied art fair “Craft Vilnius“.
The creative expression form – a book, an object, in most cases the artist searches for processing technologies possibilities and variety of leathern covers, used for traditional book binding. The books covers are created by cycles, keep theme‘s development in several levels: philosophy, psychology and mythology, by giving a symbolic meaning to each level.

Asked, when she took an interest in bookbinding art, Leonora Kuisienė says: “With artistically bound books I get acquainted in study years, when I studied in the course of artistic leather. However, deeper and the closest expression of bookbinding craft began to form, when I went to the United Kingdom, where I had an opportunity to meet with a bit different than I‘ve seen in Lithuania book bindings. That, quite passively, the life itself and the factors displaced art pedagogie‘s perpectives to the second plan and involved to permanent mode of creative searches.“ Since 2010 the author‘s artistic activitie‘s purposefulness, artistic expression‘s shape have finally formed. It became a modern book, which is called the experimental book, the author dipped into the artistic bookbinding world, in which she has been constantly combining archaism and modernity. Leonora Kuisienė