Jolita Puronaitė-Lubienė


  I was born in Panevėžys, Lithuania. In 1991 I came to Kaunas (Lithuania), where I studied and acquired higher education. From 1996 I live and work in Kaunas district.

Since 2015 I have participated in painting symposiums, group and personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

   I am interested in the world of art since I was a child, but I dared to paint myself only a few years ago. After long searches and visiting various art schools I found my way into the art studioof a well-known artist Antanas ObcarskasI began to attend his workshop and continue walking on the blades of creative delight and suffering.

   After having courced the secrets of painting I enjoy strokes of expressive abstraction, creative outbursts, because for me only painting can give a golden opportunity to feel “here and now” and to break free in freedom and captivity.

   Having discovered painting I intuitively follow classics of “tasting with the inside”: to go, listen, see, smell, taste and touch. I am like a “sponge” of all these sences and all of this transforms into my canvases and my art.



2019 Gallery “V. Kudirka library”, Kaunas (Lithuania)
2020 Museum gallery, Jurbarkas (Lithuania)
Gallery “Kurhaus”, Birštonas (Lithuania)
Virtual art exibition gallery “Neatšauktiatidarymai” (Lithuania)
2021 “Remis Tattoo Gallery”, Kaunas (Lithuania)
Virtual art exibition gallery “Neatšauktiatidarymai” (Lithuania)


2019 Gallery “Kurhaus”, Birštonas (Lithuania)
Gallery “National Culture Center”, Kaunas (Lithuania)
2020 Gallery “National Culture Center”, Kaunas (Lithuania)
Gallery “Rokiškis district museum”, Rokiškis (Lithuania)
Gallery “Sudeikiai”, Utena, (Lithuania)
2021 Gallery “Rokiškis district museum”, Rokiškis (Lithuania)
Gallery “Utenos district museum”, Utena (Lithuania)
Gallery “National Culture Center”, Kaunas (Lithuania)
Gallery Parlament of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2021 Indo – Lithuania International Virtual Art Exhibition, (India, Lithuania)
Gallery „Zervas Art“ International Virtual Art Exhibition, (Greece, Lithuania)
Galeria – ArteAdiscar “La Fiesta Del Color”, (Spain)
International artists & art associations, ARTQUAKE-8 International Group Exhibition “You& me under the rainbow” (Turkey)
THINKDESIGNER ARTS, International Virtual Art Festival “MONSOON” (Jaipur, India)
International virtual exhibition “Another world is possible forever of peace” (Lithuania 2021-2022)
Artsonline Web Art Gallery. International Art exhibition “30 artists, 30 artworks” (Turkey). Catalog:

Artist: JolitaPuronaitė-Lubienė
Adress: Mindaugo 5, Garliava, LT-53260 Kaunas, Lithuania
Mobile phone: +370 862 52797
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