Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė

Photographer of the young generation Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė was born in 1974 in Tauragė. In 1998-2002 she was studying in Vilnius Art academy, Applied art section of Telšiai, where she get baccalaureate of metal design specialty. Being a student she was participating in group exhibitions, organized by students. In 2002 she participated in group graduates-bachelors exhibitions of graduation works in jewelry area in Šiauliai. In 2003 she created film “Dear shameless“ (the film‘s co-author Darius Ukrinas) was shown in Vilnius in the cinema centre “Skalvija“ during the festival “Dogma“, and later it was shown in the festival VIRUS, which was in Šiauliai and Telšiai. Since 2014 I. Mockutė-Pocienė lives and creates in Klaipėda.
In 2009 November in Tauragė photography gallery was organized the first personal photography and jewelry exhibition “About the woman“. Later this exhibition was presented in Palanga and Telšiai.
In 2009-2014 the artist participated in the group exhibitions “Photo sea“ of Tauragė club. The exhibitions were presented in different Lithuanian cities – Tauragė, Plungė, Pagėgiai, Raseiniai – and in Germany.
In 2010 September in Klaipėda was presented photographs and jewelry exhibition “Life-game“ (exhibition‘s co-author – jeweler Neringa Poškutė). In 2010-2011 this exhibition was exhibited in Pagėgiai public library, in Kaunas shop “Saulėja“, in Birštonas cultural centre, in Akmenė region museum.
In 2012 March 26 in Tauragė cultural centre was presented photographs exhibition “That sweet word – theater“ (co-author Tadas Zakarauskas). Later this exhibition was exhibited in Telšiai theater “Žemaitė“ and Pagėgiai public library.
In 2015 May 15 in Tauragė photography gallery was presented the exhibition of photo acts “Mergers“, and in July 16 it was exhibited in Klaipėda photography gallery, KKKC palace of the exhibitions. In the same year, in October 16, “Mergers“ was presented in Telšiai “SamogitiART“ gallery. In 2016 March 18 “Mergers“ was also exhibited in Šiauliai photography museum, and in June 22 – in pavilion KUPETA, in Palanga.
Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė creates in colored and uncolored artistic photography areas. The photography has been taking an important place in the author‘s life all the time. The photographer‘s mother was a photographer amateur even in the Soviet times, so already in her childhood she had to help to develop photo rolls, and to watch the nascent miracle in the dark. However, photographer Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė began to photograph earnestly in 2007. Talking about photography, the author says: “Primarily, to me has to happen the art inside, somewhere deep… and then I can express that by transfering to the artistic views. Even then maybe that is near the truth, and not the real shape of that, what is happening in my inside…“
The author creates the photographs in themes of acts, expectance. In the site of the gallery she presents the series of photographs “MUTABOR“. This series of photographs is exclusive because it has many allusions with painting. This is not a photography of acts, created by the basis of classic photography. In this series of photographs the relationship of mother and child is presented sensitively – through the fragmented details of the body: head, hands, that are hidden under the painted patterns. The series of photographs is very esthetic. For the author herself this series of photographs has many connections with the childhood, raises memories about the relationship with her granny.
Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė