Indrė Bagdonė

Indrė Bagdonė was born in 1986, graduated from Kaunas University of Technology. In 2007, she started taking pictures. The first photographs were associated with the fields of Lithuania. At that time, the photographer Indrė Bagdonė photographed the cut leaves. Over time, the author began to capture beauty in every step, but according to the author, it’s often difficult to spot it because we hurry, go, and photography – is a good way to capture and share these observations. Nature inspires young generation photographer Indrė Bagdonė. When she created the autumn photo series, she began to get acquainted with photography on that day. Autumn photographs are created with a digital camera.
The author caught a new wave of energy along with the observed reflections. The first reflections occurred in the middle of winter, in the middle of the forest, on a frozen stream of ice. In this way, a series of photographs “Ice” was born, later – a series of photographs “Pools”.
The author’s photo page “Capere Sensum” in Latin means “to catch the sense”. The photographer strives to convey the idea, the plot, to create a space for silent reflection, to tell moments of history. For example, “Lagoon“, “Stones“ and “Yellow Water“ series of photography are captured in Juodkrantė in different seasons, but on the same waterfront, and tell different stories.