Ina Loreta Savickienė

Ina Loreta Savickienė began using traditional East Asian painting tools – ink, brush, rice paper, natural, minerals extracted from pigments, pursuing the philosophical and aesthetic principles of the ages. At the same time, she is looking for the intercultural contact, the modernization of ancient traditions. The aim is to show that tradition can be viable, art is beautiful, and beauty is non-banal.

The author draws various East Asian styles and likes to experiment with different tools – rice paper, brushes, ink, mineral paints. This requires a long period of practice and the ability to focus simultaneously and freely move the brush. The ink on the rice paper is a mirror of the artist’s emotions, and even a small confusion can spoil all work. Therefore, every single work has to be repeated until the result is satisfactory.

Part of the work inspire recognized Chinese, Japanese masters’ compositions. These are some copies. More precisely, interpretations. As the English language says “painting after the painting in the style of”. In the East, copying is seen not only as the best form of learning, but also recognized as an autonomous menu, valued by contemporary museums and art collectors.
However, the author seeks not to mechanically repeat, but she is looking for compositions and stories that would be acceptable to the eyes of the West, to find insults with internal experiences and to fit the Western interior.
The original works combine the image and the text (most commonly in Lithuanian or English) in one. First, the visual part is drawn and then it is searched for the best way to “fetch” the resulting relationship and associations. The use of Lithuanian alphabet and meaning codes is not at all a straight bridge between different traditions, different cultures.

Ina Loreta Savickienė has completed psychology at Vilnius University. The author of the traditional East Asian painting studies began in 2011. VU Confucius Institute courses in Chinese painting and calligraphy led by lecturer Dalia Dokšaitė and Wang Lei. Subsequently, the skills of recognized masters Henri Li, Ning Yeh et al. online classes and participating in such international, oriental art communities operating in social networks as Etegami Fun Club, Sumi-e, Chinese Brush Painting, Ink Painting, The Mustard Seed Garden Painters Club, etc.
The author participates in various international exhibitions, art competitions and challenges. Her works are presented at the website of the largest Chinese art supplies on Hmay Art website, along with other well-known Western calligraphers and painters who make ink.

Personal Exhibitions:
2017 November 7-30, in the business center VERTAS (Vilnius)
2017 December 16-2018 February 10 Japanese culture house NIHON (Vilnius)

2017 The 3rd Hmay Art Supply Painting Competition, a traditional Chinese paintings wadding manufacturer and supplier at HMAY ART SUPPLY, occupies the 4th place.
2016 The Heart of Art Contest Special Award, 2016-05-20.
2014 A special prize for the Flower Eagings Competition in Fukushima, Japan, founded by the Women’s Association of Fukushima Chamber of Commerce. The work is selected from 904 works of art.