Hojat Amani

Famous Iranian artist Hojat Amani lives and creates in Iran, Tehran. During his studies at university, the artist get acquainted with art history. Hojat Amani closely collaborates with various art galleries in Western and Eastern Europe.

The artist creates by invoking various stylistics and technologies, his activitie‘s spheres involve photography, painting, calligraphy, new media, figurative art. In the artist‘s creation work the expression of beauty and joy is very important. Hojat Amani has organized author exhibitions in Western Europe (Lithuania, London, Germany), also – in Canada, Kuwait, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He participated in the international artists residences in Lithuania and London. The artist‘s calligraphy has been the signifier of liberation and purification, during creation he feels, how mantra has been affected by his creation work. Despite traditional creative style, he is looking for modern, contemporary art forms, the expression of color palette.

In the website Iranian artist Hojat Amani presents the series of photographs “Series of Angels“.