Gitas Markutis

The painter Gitas Markutis lives and creates in Kaunas district. In 1986-1993 he studied construction economy at Vilnius technical university. In 2002-2006 he studied art pedagogy at Marijampolė College. Since 2006 years he has been participating in personal and group exhibitions. Since 2006 he is curator of international plein-airs.
The works of Gitas Markutis perfectly fits into the tradition of Lithuanian painting: in genre terms, it is landscapes, architectural painting, a new presentation of Lithuanian castles and churches, which perfectly combines the images of architecture and nature. The coloring of a painter’s work is distinguished by variety. The painter Gitas Markutis has already organized a number of solo exhibitions on very different topics: “White-blue Landscape”, “Flight of Thoughts”, “Separate World”.
Architectural details and nature are complementary in the author’s work. Color combinations, contrasts and accents clarify, enliven the overall composition of the heritage, create a working mood. All painting cycles are distinguished by conceptual thought. By striking strokes, the painted path can be painted in an abstract manner, it enhances the author’s existential approach to thought, to the existential world. In recent paintings, the author improvises on color and form.
Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė.