Gintautas Vaičys

Gintautas Vaičys was born in 1965 in Kaunas. In 1993 he graduated from Vilnius Art Academy.
He is a member of the group “Good evils“.
A member of Lithuanian Artists‘ Association since 1999.
Since 1993 – a teacher of Kaunas Art School, since 1999 – a teacher supervisor.
Since 2009 – 2017 he was a chairman of Lithuanian Artists‘ Union, Kaunas section.
Since 2014 – a member of cultural community association “Borussia“.
Participates in exhibitions since 1989. Works in the areas of painting, objects, photography, video art and installation.

Last personal exhibitions:
2011 painting exhibition “Dialogue“ (together with Ewa Pohlke) in Kaunas philharmonic
2009, 2011 exhibition “Realitat in die Abstrakte II“, galerie more Liberum, Hamburg, Germany
2011 exhibition “Nigunim“, galeria Stary Ratusz, Olsztin, Poland
2011 exhibition “W poszukiwaniu piekna“, galeria parkowa CEilK, Olsztin, Poland
2012 painting exhibition “Road to Monblana“ in Kaunas city museum
2012 painting exhibition “Songs without words“ in Theater club (Vilnius st. 22), in Kaunas
2013 “Undeleted travel episodes“ watercolor exhibition in Day surgery center, in Kaunas
2015 “Soldiers time“ photography exhibition in Kaunas crew officers title
2015 “Letters from Nemunas“ painting exhibition in Warsaw, Lithuanian cultural centre (al. Ujazdowskie 12)
2015 “From the travel album“ watercolor exhibition in Liudvikas Rėza cultural centre, Juodkrantė

Last group exhibitions:
2010 project Porto-Kaunas, Porto, Portugal
2010 exhibition “Kaunas – on this side painting“, Exhibition Palace Klaipėda
2010 for the gallery “Arc“ – XX. Lithuanian union of artists painting exhibition “Line color space“, gallery ARKA, Vilnius
2010 exhibition “Griunwald-ART“, dom Polski wschodniej, Bruksela, Belgium
2010 “Expression of silence II“, International plein air dedicated for memory of A. Samuolis, Kaunas
2010 “Expression of Nida“, plein air of Nida and exhibition in Molėtai
2010 exhibition “Fata Morgana“, gallery “Park of the Art“ Kaunas
2011 “Behind the white curtain“ project of Darius Mikšys, ŠMC, ScuolaS. Pasquale, Venice, Italy
2011 “Znaki Miasta“, Praga del Arte, DAP, Warszawa, Poland
2011 “Expedition – on the path of A. Samuolis“, Leysin, Switzerland
2011 “Griunwald art“, plein air in Poland and exhibition in Berlin
2011 “Paintings from Prangins“, Anberge Comunale de Prangins, Switzerland
2011 “Kaunas-Salo“, Salo city gallery, Finland
2011 “Road toward Milos“, Lithuanian embassy in Warsaw, Poland
2012 6th world Žemaičiai art exhibition, dedicated for 600 years of Žemaitija baptism anniversary, in Plungė
2012 “Road to Monblana“, painting and watercolor exhibition, Kaunas city museum
2012 “Wood Stone“, International photography exhibition, castle of Kaunas
2012 “Artists of Neringa painting exhibition“, days of Neringa city, Užupis cafe, Vilnius
2012 painting exhibition “Garden of the secrets“, gallery XX, Panevėžys

2013 exhibition “Whisper“, dedicated for M. Rostropovičius. Home of Kaunas artists
2013 international painting plein air to remember A. Samuolis exhibition “Expression of silence“, in Warsaw, in Lithuanian cultural centre (al.Ujazdowskie 12)
2013 Krekenava plein air exhibition “Lithuania of Maironis“ in Kaunas philharmonic
2013 plein air “On the paths of Čiurlionis“ exhibition in Kaunas state philharmonic
2014 exhibition “Whisper“ II, dedicated for M. Rostropovičius, in the exhibition hall of the home of Kaunas artists
2014 exhibition “Inversion. Bad goods“, in J. Mekas visual arts centre, in Vilnius
2014 exhibition of the works created in plein airs “GRUNWALD – ŽALGIRIS – ART“, dedicated to the victory in battle of Žalgiris to mention, in the castle of Trakai
2014 plein air “Wielkij Blenkit“ exhibition in Olsztyn old town hall
2014 exhibition “Square“ BLC gallery “Golden cut“
2014 exhibition “Whisper III“ in Kaunas state philharmonic
2015 “Whisper IV“, st. Jonas street gallery, Vilnius
2015 “Grunwald-art“ painting collection exhibition in Kiev Sofia, Ukraine

In the online art gallery the artist presents a series of photographs “Soldiers time“. “I have already participated several years in plein airs “Grunwald ART“, that are organized by the province of Varmija Mazūrija. Plein airs are dedicated to the great victory, won in 1410, to remember. During its time united regiments of Lithuania and Poland in the bloody fight defeated the army of Teutonic Knights order. From that memorable event have passed more than 600 years. It has changed political situation and the state borders, and the world still lives in the presence of permanent aggression: there is not strong peace, that we desire so much. Right here, behind our doorstep, there is one more common war. Russia attacked Ukraine. The evil triumphs again and the innocent people die. Some do not want to see that, but there are also such people, who, regardless of the danger, enter to the fight with the enemy. “Soldiers time“ – it is our respect to all of those, who gave away and give away their lives for the defense of Homeland and family, freedom and honor.“ – the artist Gintautas Vaičys is telling.