Giedrius Šiukščius

Giedrius Šiukščius
Giedrius Šiukščius

Designer and Photographer Giedrius Šiukščius was borns in 1960. At the moment he is living and creating in Šiauliai, in Lithuania. 1979 he finished Kaunas St. Žukas Applied Art Technical School (now Kaunas College). He finished Artistic Studies in Decoration (Specialization in Artistic Photography).
1985 he completed Art studies (design) at Vilnius Academy of Arts.
1985 – Art faculty lecturer at Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute (since 1997 Šiauliai university) .
2000 – Founder and Head of the Department of Design at Šiauliai University.
Since 2006 Professor at Šiauliai University.
Since 2021 Professor at Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy.
Creative areas: graphic design, artistic photography, interior design, complex projects.

Photographer Giedrius Šiukščius organized about 21 personal exhibitions, in Lithuania and foreign countries too. He has also exhibitions awards.

2010 Giedrius Šiukščius published his original album, which was illustrated with works of more than 30 years author’s creation. He has created more than 30 projects of interiors and furniture, equipment for individual and public purposes. The field of scientific work is design theory. Giedrius Šiukščius published textbooks on reading aids, methodological publications for students of design education institutions. He wrote scientific and periodical articles, read rapports, organized workshops.

He often participates in the Lithuanian and international scientific and creative conferences. He read public lectures in design themes. He created 6 study programs for Šiauliai University (3 bachelors, 2 master’s) and 1 study program for foreign students.


1. 1990 I Personal exhibition of poster and photography. Šiauliai Exhibition Hall.
2. 1992-1993 II Personal exhibition of works. Šiauliai Exhibition Hall.
3. 1995 Personal photographic exhibition Living Nature Graphics. Šiauliai Museum of Photography.
4. 1996 Personal exhibition of ecological posters. Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute.
5. 1998 Personal visual art exhibition Homo. Šiauliai Art Gallery.
6. 2000 Personal exhibition of visual art Social Games. Šiauliai Art Gallery.
7. 2005 Personal exhibition of works Non-essential Directives: Marionette Theater. Šiauliai Museum of Photography.
8. 2005 Personal exhibition of posters. Gallery BRI-ART, Riga.
9. 2008 Personal exhibition Side Effects. Šiauliai Museum of Photography.
10. 2010 Personal exhibition Indications. Šiauliai Art Gallery.
11. 2012 Personal exhibition Signs. Šiauliai Art Gallery.
12. 2012 Personal exhibition Flairs. Gallery BRI-ART. Riga.
13. 2012 Personal exhibition Signs of Time. Pakruojis Youth and Adult Education Centre.
14. 2013 Personal exhibition Reports from the Streets of Europe. Šiauliai University of Fine Arts gallery.
15. 2014 Personal exhibition Mobilis. Šiauliai University Art Gallery.
16. 2014 Personal photographic exhibition Signs of Time: Flair. (Laika zimes: nojauta) Gedert Eljas Jelgava Museum of History and Art (Ģederta Eliasa Jelgavas Vēstures un mākslas muzejā)
17. 2015 Personal exhibition Traces of Lost Time. Šiauliai Art Gallery.
18. 2016 Personal exhibition Hints (Aluzje). Muzeum Okręgowe w Suwałkach. Centr Sztuki Współczesnej – galeria Andrzeja Strumiłły.
19. 2017 Personal exhibition Animalistic Re-constructions: delete or restore? Šiauliai University Art Gallery.
20. 2020 Exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Giedrius Šiukščius „Subjective Arguments” at Šiauliai Art Gallery.
21. 2020 Virtual personal exhibition of Giedrius Šiukščius Analog Memories at Unresolved exhibitions openings.


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Giedrius Šiukščius. Aluzje. Catalogue of the solo exhibition (in Polish). Wydawca: Muzeum Okręgowe w Suwałkach. p. 24. 2016

Scientific articles

The significance of the relationship between the material environment and consumer society in artistic education. Current issues of art education.3. (Article in other peer-reviewed publications). 2004
Design: Creative Methodology, Basic Design Principles. Creative Spaces, No.3. (Article in other databases). 2005
The Development of Ekodizain and its Relevance in the Lithuanian Conditions: a theoretical aspect. Creative Spaces, No.8. (Article in databases approved by LMT). 2008
Giedrius Šiukščius – My Credo – for Body and Soul. Sketches 2010: Deltuva Cultural Almanac, no.20. (review, informational, encyclopedic article). 2010
The regularities and evaluation criteria of the creation of design objects in the context of contemporary artistic creation. Art and science: manifestations of constancy and change. (Article in the peer-reviewed materials of the Lithuanian International Conference). 2013
Design. Methodology of Artistic Design. (Teaching and methodological tool, electronic resource, CD-Rom). 2013

Social activities, duties
Head of the Department of Design of Šiauliai University in 2000-2016.
Chairman of the Council of the Faculty of Arts of Šiauliai University in 2005-2016.
Member of the Senate of Šiauliai University from 2005-2016.
Member of the Lithuanian Designers’ Union since 1990-2020.
Member of the Lithuanian Union of Scientists since 1997.
Expert of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education since 2002.
President of Šiauliai Designers Association since 2005-2022
Member of the City Image Commission of Šiauliai Municipality in 2003-2011.
Chairman of the Committee on Arts Study Programs of Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy in 2021-2022