Giedra Purlytė

Artist Giedra Purlytė was born in Kaunas. From 1981 till 1985 she was studying in Kaunas four years art school (now – Martinaitis art school). In 1985-1989 she was studying in Stepas Žukas art technical school, textile specialty, and in 1990-1996 – in Kaunas Art Academy, textile specialty. Since 1994 she has been organizing personal exhibitions. Since 1998 the artist has been living and creating in Vilnius. In Lithuania and abroad she participates in group exhibitions, international painting plein airs. The artist‘s works have been get by private collectors in Lithuania and abroad. Since 2012 Giedra Purlytė has been a member of Lithuanian Artists union (painting section, Vilnius).
In 2013 the artist participated in plein airs in Lithuania, that were in Bikuškis manor, in the international artists plein air “ZARASAI – LAKE DISTRICT – 2013“, organized by Dusetos art gallery, and, also, in Ukraine – in the international 12th Painters plein air “Maxim“, in Carpathia, in Slavsk town. In 2014 Giedra Purlytė participated in plein airs, that were in Palanga – “Near park“, in Kernavė – “Secrets of Kernavė“, in Bitėnai, Jankus museum – “Gardens of paintings“.
The creative motto of artist Giedra Purlytė:
“Esthetics, color. Silence, that is wanted to listen. Nature‘s interpretations. Secret, intuitive search for emotional truth. I don‘t seek to shock. The main aim – to create harmonious whole in the canvas and to speak in the painting language, to express myself through the color, which I keep a powerful expression‘s measure, and the light – the main painting work‘s axis“.

Personal exhibitions
In 1994 – gallery “Window“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In 1996 – gallery “Doorstep“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In 2002 – gallery “Fir“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In 2003 – museum of Marija and Jurgis Šlapelis (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2004 – “Gallery of Rūta“ (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2004 – “Bird‘s gallery“ (Melbourne, Australia).
In 2005 – the State Youth Theater (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2005 – Kėdainiai culture center (Kėdainiai, Lithuania).
In 2005 – gallery “A“ (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2006 – gallery “Art‘s soup“ (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2006 – gallery “Container“ (Tokyo, Japan).
In 2006 – gallery “Arc“ (St. Petersburg, Russia).
In 2007 – gallery “Rūta“ (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2007 – Lithuanian Republic seimas.
In 2007 – “Art park“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In 2007 – cafe “Guru“ (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2008 – cafe “Užupis“ (Vlnius, Lithuania).
In 2008 – Hotel “Novotel“ (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In 2008 – gallery “Čiurlionis“ (Chicago, the USA).
In 2008 – gallery “White“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In 2009 – gallery “Colors secrets“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In 2010 – “Castle‘s gallery“ (Vilnius).
In 2010 – Kaunas State Drama Theater.
In 2011 – gallery “Orfeu“ (Belgium, Brussels).
In 2014 – gallery “White“ (Kaunas, Lithuania).

Mutual exhibitions
In 2005 – International art exhibition “Postcard“, gallery “Art park“.
In 2005 – “Bird‘s gallery“ end of the year Lithuanian emigrants and Australian artists exhibition (Melbourne).
In 2005 – gallery “Window“ exhibition “Touching celebration“.
In 2006 – Photography studio “Fotos“. Dusetos plein air exhibition (Vilnius).
In 2006 – “Spring of Veisiejai“ plein air exhibition in Veisiejai gallery (Veisiejai).
In 2006 – corporate SEB bank collection exhibition, organized by Juška gallery (Vilnius).
In 2006 – gallery “Container“ Lithuanian artists mutual exhibition (Tokyo, Japan).
In 2007 – St. Jonas street gallery, “Self-portrait“ exhibition. Vidmantas Martikonis collection (Vilnius).
In 2008 – gallery “White“ exhibition “Letters“ (Kaunas).
In 2008 – gallery “Čiurlionis“, occasional Christmas Lithuanian emigrants and living in Lithuania artists exhibition.
In 2009 – gallery “Castle“, three authors exhibition (Vilnius).
In 2012 – gallery “Arc“, “XXI century self-portrait“ (Vilnius).
In 2012 – gallery “Arc“, “The artist and the city“ (Vilnius).
In 2012-2014 – gallery “White“ (Kaunas), White work‘s exhibition.
In 2013 – gallery “Arc“, exhibition “Flight“.
In 2013 – gallery “Arc“, exhibition “Twenty first century anatomy“.
In 2014 – gallery “Arc“, exhibition “Colors of the freedom“.