Ewa Polkhe

Ewa Pohlke was born in Kętrzyn, Poland. Currently she lives and creates in Kaunas, Lithuania. She has been joined to Kaunas artists communitie‘s life. She creates in various art spheres by using various artistic expression‘s measures and techniques: painting, acrylic, drawing, sculpture, experimental textile, photography and graphic art.

Artist Ewa Pohlke has finished social sciences and arts faculty UWM in Olsztyn, Poland. She has organized many author exhibitions and she has participated in group exhibitions: Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, etc.

The artist organizes creative workshops, exhibitions and cultural events. Also, she is a teacher of painting and therapy. In 2008 she earned the main award for the propagation of Olsztyn city cultural heritage.

In 2009 Ewa Pohlke won the stipend of organization “Marshal office of Warmia and Mazury“. In 2010 the same organization awarded her for merits and activity in cultural field.
“To me the painting is mandatory and work (…), however, the art isn‘t religion. First of all, I am a human, and then I am a painter. The artist can‘t create by separating from the world, to images have to be need and passion… I am, so I paint, I paint, so I am…

When I create pictures, I, also, hope, that my life and my work have a meaning. In today chaotic world, full of aggression, noise and violence, there are still some place and time to the moments of reflections about beauty of life and transcendence. So, I create, live and hope“, – the artist tell about her creation work.