Erika Petunovienė (Aytė)

Erika Petunovienė (Aytė) was born on 03-03-1983. Painter Erika Petunovienė (Aytė) has been drawing from her childhood. She graduated from Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences with a Master’s Degree in Art and Technology. The artist is an abstract designer whose paintings are distinguished by their dynamism, contemporary flutter and courage, emotional, expressive, subtle and contrasting colors, like to experiment with the use of new materials and techniques that integrate into the whole, while creativity reflects a holistic approach to the world.
An artist always has a vision before starting to create a painting. The pictures are born to inspire impressions of moments that inspire emotions. The most important task of the artist is, then, to express the emotion through the means of plastic expression, then to retell the story with a brush: the experience of stopping a moment, long strokes, lines and expressive strokes, dots and spots to reveal a great deal of inner and expressive personal perception and thought of the world.
By choosing different tools and techniques, Erika Petunovienė creates paintings on topical issues by highlighting not the problem, but revealing the ways of solving the problems in the paintings and encouraging them to turn back to each other, stop, feel and remember, observe close ones, speak good words, find time for themselves and a feather for their souls.
The artist feels a special attraction to nature, believes that it is the most important for a person to return to his source and be as close to nature as possible. Water, forest, air, sun, meadows are all you need for a person, to feel calm, to see beauty and color, to listen to yourself, to a different world… It’s a state when you forget the rush, everyday life, troubles like being in the next world and only with oneself.
The abundance of daily negative information, the alienation of people-to-people relationships, the rapid pace of life, and stress have all triggered the desire to make our work clear our world. The artist tells the canvas how to avoid it or at least reduce it. We have two influences – external (human actions, nature, external events) and internal (thoughts, feelings, emotions, mood and behavior). This universe, which contains both the living and the dead (invisible) of the worlds, as a cosmic soul, energizes the life of both nature and humanity. As Platon said, “the righteous man,” who united these elements into a harmonious whole, will be ready to live emotionally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically and morally. Throughout this whole, Erika Petunovienė strives to create and capture paintings, to convey movement, energy and feelings.
Figures are made by natural persons from Lithuania, Germany, England, Australia and Norway.
Participation, cooperation and activities:
– Revival Exhibition-Competition, Kaunas Girstutis Culture and Sport Center (February 16-March 11, 2018);
– Approved participation in the “Talented Art Fair 2018” London (2-4 March 2018);
– ART STAGES 2018 Germany, Brescia (March 9-11, 2018);
– “Contemporary Art”, Berlin (group exhibition in March 2018)
– “Positionen zeitgenӧssischer Malerei IV”, Berlin, Germany (02/21/2012; March 01, 2016, after the exhibition works the gallery will open until September 2018);
– Color options Vilnius Santara Secondary School (2006.03.28-2006.04.03);
– “City” group LEU student exhibition, Vilnius Children and Youth Art Gallery;
From 2017
– collaboration with the ART-WORK (Kunst and Design) gallery in Germany;
– collaboration and exhibition of paintings in the Australian gallery ARVYS GALLERY;
– cooperation and exhibition of paintings in the “MENO KORIFĖJUS” gallery:
– Head of creative workshops of children’s day center of the Vilnius Samaritan Society of Vilnius (project preparation, organization and implementation of creative workshops);