Eglė Ščerbinskaitė

A photographer of the young generation Eglė Ščerbinskaitė (Elion) lives and creates in Kaunas. She get an education in Vilnius Art academy, in a department of textile, in Kaunas faculty. She took up an interest in photography while she was studying bachelor, in the third course, learning at a famous photographer, a chairman of Lithuanian photographs union Kaunas department Gintaras Česonis. In 2004 she graduated from a contemporary photo art school in Kaunas, which director was a photographer Romas Juškelis, and, later, she was improving her knowledge in Vilnius Design college, while she was studying the Applied Photography. In 2014 she participated in the photo art camp at A. H. Bitesnich. Later on, she was improving her photography skills and photographic knowledge at Lithuanian photographer, who was living abroad, Albert Pocey.

Here she met a tutor associate professor R. Zolubas of her currently published book, who, also, encouraged her to publish a book of the photography. Also, the artist graduated remotely from the Photography institute in New York. This study has had a big influence on her further activity and improvement in the world of the photography. This study has affected her not only as a photographer but, also, as an individuality, it has extended her outlook. The photographer participated in the creative workshop at A. H. Bietenish, the task of the creative workshop was a photography of the acts.

To a description of the the creation work of photographer Eglė Ščerbinskaitė (Elion) suitable is this phrase: a photograph is not equal to other photograph.
In the professional art site the photographer present a different photography, in which dominate even several series of the photographs, in this way, it is trying to represent a photographer by showing her creation work variety. In the site Eglė Ščerbinskaitė presents even several series of the photographs: “Let‘s go to the city“, “Different kind of ballet“, “Silhouettes“, “Portraits“.

Eglė Ščerbinskaitė began to photograph more seriously by traveling, in the sphere of the travel photography, and, currently, the photographer pays the attention mostly to the human photography. By taking photos of people, Eglė Ščerbinskaitė discovers many themes and sub-themes, that are familiar to her, inspire her. By developing every theme, to the author, it is very important a connection with the space, surrounding her, and with the pictured character – the photography hero. Depending on the chosen scene or the situation, she chooses a different character, a theme and a place. In her creation work Elion analyzes love to the animals, models, portraits, ballet, play, desire, tango, body language and other themes. In the artistic photography the author works with different themes, reveals outside and psychological beauty of the pictured character. Considerable attention is paid to reveal the expressive facial details of the pictured hero and beauty, elegance of the body, also – to psychological qualities and attributes of the character. It can be noticed undoubtedly, that in the creation work of Eglė Ščerbinskaitė it is felt an influence of the fine arts, too. These details unmask from the salted by effects environment, the connection of different details in the environment. The creation work of Eglė Ščerbinskaitė like consists of the portrayal of two different environments, of the outside individual‘s world, which appears like in a small theater or in a small scene of the theater, together with the visual effects, and the world‘s environment, that surrounds it. Often in the creation work of this photographer questions of the existential life are adverted too, only a viewer of the photography will find the answer to them.

Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė