Eglė Karlonaitė

Eglė Karlonaitė is an abstractionist best known for her works of art focused on modern, minimalist, Scandinavian interiors. Most abstract works are featured worldwide, including private / residential and commercial spaces.
The artist finds inspiration through the music she listens to and the different interiors. She is a design enthusiast, believing that the whole idea of space is closely linked: geometric shapes, lines, furniture colors, wall decor – all of which provide the basis for her work, and inspire her to create an aesthetically pleasing environment in the context of abstract art.
The great influence on artistic development is complemented by her painting teacher, who has been left free to create her own style and technique. Artists like Mondrian, Perle Fine, Willem de Koonig also influenced her perception of abstract art. All of Eglė’s works are painted on canvas with acrylic, and each piece is original with its own story.