Egidija Brinkytė

Painter Egidija Brinkytė was born in 1982 in the Coastal, in Šilalė region. Currently she lives and creates in Klaipėda. In 2001-2004 in Kaunas college she graduated from J. Vienožinskis arts study center, the specialty of easel painting artworks restoration and conservation. In 2004-2006 in Šiauliai university, faculty of Arts, she graduated from the specialty of art and design, also, she acquired art pedagogical qualification. In 2015 in Šiauliai university she get Master‘s degree in painting. The same year it was granted the status of Art creator from LR Culture ministry to painter Egidija Brinkytė. The artist has organized 23 personal exhibitions, she has participated in 36 group exhibitions and 12 international exhibitions. Also, she has participated in various international plein airs and symposiums.

The artist has organized exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. The main exhibitions of painter Egidija Brinkytė:
Since 2006 the artist has been intensely participating in mutual exhibitions, international projects, plein airs. She has organized many personal exhibitions, too, in Lithuania and abroad: in 2015 – museum of Jurbarkas region, Exhibition and conference hall, “Between the horizon“, in 2015 – multicultural center of Kėdainiai, “Behind the horizon“; in 2015 – “Gallery of the stairs“, Šiauliai, “Plumbing of the feelings“; in 2015 – Kaunas Christ‘s Resurrection church, conference hall, “Music of Angels“; in 2014 – Klaipėda municipality Music department library, “Transformation in the fog“; in 2013 – “Rues“ gallery, Klaipėda, “Process“; in 2013 – Šiauliai university library “Revertetur“; in 2012 – Gargždai culture center “Color chords“; in 2012 – house of Culture: art and coffee, Klaipėda, “Alpine code – blue“; in 2011 – Klaipėda municipality library, Giruliai branch, “Grossglockner“; in 2011 – hotel “Navalis“, Klaipėda, “…coast“; in 2011 – museum of Gargždai region “Incognito“; in 2010 – Klaipėda Žemaitija artists‘ union gallery, “Signs“ and others.

Creative credo of painter Egidija Brinkytė:
The most importantly – walking, no matter how fast, no matter where, but the main thing – TO GO.

The creation work of painter Egidija Brinkytė shows up the variety of stylistics and themes. Egidija Brinkytė has created these cycles of painting: “Music of Angels“, “Site of the fire of Tytuvėnai abbey“, “Fragments of Zypliai manor“, “Farmstead of Orvidai“, “Pakūta“ (“Dose of Pakūtuvėnai“), “Manor – cultural fireplace“, “Fire residues“, “Alpine code – blue“, “Behind the horizon“, “Transformation in the fog“.
In the young generation artist‘s creation work a lot of attention is paid to color texture, decorativeness of the lines, picture story. The spectrum of the depicted objects is wide and ambiguous. Each painting‘s stylistics and variety are changing. In the painting the author sequentially goes over from the abstract painting to the figurative painting, from traditional to modern painting. In her paintings expressive compositions dominate, various yellow, green and bluish contours are used. In the online art gallery painter Egidija Brinkytė presents her cycle of the paintings “The fire of Tytuvėnai sacral ensemble“ 2015.
Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė