Edmundas Kartanas

Young generation creator Edmundas Kartanas was born in 1973 in Šiauliai. Since 2003 she has been living in Kaunas. Currently she lives and creates in Kaunas district, Vandžiogala. E. Kartanas have been interested in painting and drawing since his childhood. Currently he actively participates in the artistic life. E. Kartanas have already participated in group exhibitions: the author participated in the yearly art exhibition “Rebirth“ in Girstutis palace. This year in Kaunas cultural center “Nation House“ was organized the first personal E. Kartanas‘s painting works exhibition “Perspective“.

The story of painter E. Kartanas‘s interest in art is quite traditional. He has been interested in art since the childhood. First, E. Kartanas began to draw the portraits of familiar people, natural landscapes, later on, marine themes became close too. He has been interested a lot in Russian artists painting. After a little in the life of E. Kartanas a particular turn happened and a new perspective appeared. The author began to attend adults painting studio of famous painter abstract artist Antanas Obcarskas to get more acquaintance with the refinements of abstract and painting art. Being one of the active studio‘s members E. Kartanas chose the path of abstract painting.

To the creation work of E. Kartanas there are inherent expressive planes, the palette of different colors, broken lines, rhythmical forms, it can be envisaged the author‘s efforts to make a thing universal, to generalize the attitude to environment and world, to philosophize. To the creation work of E. Kartanas there are inherent philosophical and existential reflections. Presented paintings of E. Kartanas have been created in 2015-2016.

In the gallerie‘s website Edmundas Kartanas presents paintings from cycle “Perspective“.

Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė