Diana Maldeikytė-Behm

The painter Diana Maldeikytė-Behm lives and works in Šilutė district, near Švėkšna, and has lived in Germany for some time. 1982 She graduated from Klaipėda Conservatoire Faculty of Theater Art. The painting of the artist Diana Maldeikytė-Behm contains a very important storyline, a narrative in which the author inhabits a wide variety of characters: angels, children, animals, consistent and thoughtful composition. The author creates transparent theatrical scenes with lots of action, wonder, mystery, anticipation, lightness and play. The painter uses bright colors in her works, her drawing is highly educated, clear and stylized. The works are dominated by bright, cheerful and playful motifs, clear symbolism, frequent work testifying to the fullness and harmony of life, the inextricable link between man and nature, the importance of fairy tales and miracles in the life of any person. Diana Maldeikytė – Behm’s works are seamless, light, engaging the viewer in a fabulous world, and allowing for at least a short break from reality.

Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė