Dangirutė Maleckienė

Art photographer Dangirutė Maleckienė, who is a former resident of Kaunas, currently she lives and creates in Palanga. She creates a similair technique as her husband art photographer Rimgaudas Maleckas. Artists have been participating in mutual exhibitions, publishing art albums, taking part in auctions last ten years together.

The first art works of Dangirutė Maleckienė has been started to publish in press and books in 2007 in the journal ‘‘Nemunas‘‘, later her art works illustrated the books: ‘‘Metai‘‘ (‘‘Years‘‘) of Kristijonas Donelaitis; ‘‘Nubruktų dilgėlių žiuponėliai‘‘ of Kazys Požėra; ‘‘Georgian poetry anthology‘‘. The art works of Dangirutė Maleckienė that are presented on the website are various: from landscapes, till abstract religious and different kind of content stories, in which there are not a few signs and symbols.

Clear composition is specific for these photos, they have many black and white details and lines, esthetics, form and content are very intense, philosophical insights are important. In some art works of the artist can be felt influence of the Eastern philosophy. Composition and content of the photos are measured, standouts include perfection of the art works and harmonious composition. Contrasts of black and white colours become significant and main accents.