Daiva Kupstienė

Daiva Kupstienė
Daiva Kupstienė

The painter Daiva Kupstienė was born in 1970 years, she lives and works in Kaunas, in Lithuania. She was finished Kaunas Antanas Martinaitis Art School. her firsth teacher was famous painter Antanas Obcarskas.  She was organized her four personals exhibitions and take participated in more than 20 group exhibitions. Also she was organized international plenairs in Lithuania, Sweeden, take participated in the international pleinairs in India and Italy. Last years she take participated in the international group exhibition in Poland. She was organized group exhibition  “Connected painting”, in England and Lithuania in (Mathews Yard gallery) also this exhibition was organized in Lithuania.







2015 Plein-air of Winter, Padumbliai.
2015 Raudondvaris‘s district.
2015 Sweden “Storabranna Landscape“.
2017 Plein-air of Winter, Padumbliai.
2017 Sweden “Starobranna Landscape”.
2018 Kamajai ward, Vaineikiai homestead.
“Veversynė” Winter‘s Plein-air.

2015 Raudondvaris‘s manor. Arts Incubator. In Raudondvaris.
2015 “Starobranna Landscape”, Follinge Gallery, Sweden.
2016 “Starobranna Landscape II“, Follinge Gallery, Sweden.
2017 “Starobranna Landscape III” Follinge Gallery, Sweden.
2017 Charity exhibition “Let’s support sick children” oncological diseases, Kaunas State Musical Theater.