Audrius Gražys

Audrius Gražys was born in 1963 June 14 in Kaunas. Famous painter Audrius Gražys has been a member of Lithuanian Artists union since 1992. In 1989 he get a degree of Arts master in Vilnius Art academy painting department.
In the website of professional art famous painter Audrius Gražys presents painting works, made during the time of 1997-2007. In the website Audrius Gražys presents painting works from these cycles: “Distances“, “Silent structures“. About the creation work of the famous painter writes Vytautas Magnus universitie‘s professor philosopher Leonidas Donskis. (Gallerie‘s information)
Audrius Gražys opens us his world of silent structures and pointillistic time. In the pointillistic time every fragment of the world has its own silent existence. Differently from linear and cyclic times, with their internal importance and global visibility hierarchies, the pointillistic time doesn‘t answer to our questions – nor who we are, nor what the future can be expected. That – is the time of shouting attention for yourself aspiration, nudity, self-exposure, duality, uncertainty and vague identities. Our world – is the world of the human, who has several identity spaces, that he is desperately trying to collect to one place and to connect, but he feels, that each identity of him slips out from the hands and gets independent existence. The world of silent structures offers us the life of nomads, global passers-by and virtual crowd episodes. However, each fragment of the life and our identity is important. Nothing is significant in this world of the flow and incessant change. Look carefully to yourself in each section of the time, because tomorrow it will be lost by you – it is a message, which is sent by deep, reflexive, but, also, spontaneously versatile and unpredictable art of Audrius Gražys.
Vytautas Magnus universitie‘s professor a. a. Leonidas Donskis.

In 2013 – “Golden age“, gallery, “Baroti“, Klaipėda.
In 2013 – “Parallels“, Juozasart gallery, Vilnius.
In 2013 – “Parallels“, Lessbroussart gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
In 2013 – “Lithuanian being landscapes“, Lithuanian Regular embassy in EU, Brussels, Belgium.
In 2013 – “Silent structures“, hotel “Kempinski“, Vilnius.
In 2010 – “Notional stories“, Užutrakis manor, Trakai.
In 2009 – Painting, gallery “Mona Lisa“, Paris, France.
In 2008 – “On the road“, gallery “XX2“, Vilnius.
In 2007 – “Together and separately“, gallery “Kaunas Window“, Kaunas.
In 2006 – “Birth“, gallery “Via del Ambra“, Arezzo, Italy.
In 2004 – “Distances“, gallery “Gates“, Vilnius.
In 2002 – “Human and nature“, gallery “Minami Aoyama“, Tokyo, Japan.
In 2002 – Painting, gallery “Ceurtat“, Lisbon, Portugal.
In 2001 – “A week has four days“, gallery “Gates“, Vilnius.
In 2001 – “To the space“, NATO parliamentary assembly, Vilnius City Hall.
In 2000 – “Painting“, bank NORD/LB, Vilnius.
In 1999 – “Painting“, German embassy, Vilnius.
In 1999 – “Painting“, Lithuanian Republican embassy in Helsinki, Finland.
In 1998 – “Two weeks near the ocean“, Ebbaxaida Mineira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
In 1996 – “Painting“, gallery “Baroti“, Klaipėda.
In 1994 – “Painting“, Klaipėda palace of exhibitions.

In 2012 – “Art Vilnius 12“ International modern art fair, Vilnius.
In 2012 – Viborg international painting festival in the open space, Denmark.
In 2010, 2009, 2008 – “Paris autumnal salon“, Paris, France.
In 2008 – International biennial, National library, Minsk, Belarus.
In 2008 – “Art works“, fair, “Expo Sarria“, Sarria, Spain.
In 2008 – “Language of the colors“, World Lithuanian center, Chicago, the USA.
In 2008 – “From good painting till video art“, National museum, Rome, Italy.
In 2007 – “New: illusions and reality“, the IVth international art biennial, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
In 2007 – “The 13th Vilnius international triennial“, ŠMC, Vilnius.
In 2007 – “Salon 2007“, Moscow, Russia.
In 2006 – International art project “Virus“, Šiauliai.
In 2005 – “Dialogues“, gallery “N“, Tbilisi, Georgia.
In 2005 – “Ice sculptures park“, Helsinki ZOO, Finland.
In 2001 – “Painting“, Gallery “1“, Uppsala, Sweden.
In 2001 – “Without shadows“, European parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
In 2001 – “Painting“, gallery “Artyp“, Brussels, Belgium.
In 2001 – “Artist‘s space“, Berlin, Germany.
In 2000 – “Para-diversified motives“, gallery “Gates“, Vilnius.
In 2000 – Ice sculptures park, Cathedral square, Vilnius.
In 1999 – “Erotica“, gallery “Gates“, Vilnius.
In 1999 – Lithuanian artists in Turkey, Ankara.
In 1999 – “4=4 EUROGATE 99“, Taiwan, China.
In 1999 – “Sound + image“, Laboratory, ŠMC, Vilnius.
In 1998 – Painting, NATO residence, Brussels, Belgium.
In 1998 – “The Red Book“, EXPO 98, Lisbon, Portugal.
In 1998 – “Five crossroads“, Klaipėda palace of exhibitions.
In 1997 – “Galeries present“/Lithuanian art 97, ŠMC, Vilnius.
In 1997 – “Magic realism“, St. Petersburg, Russia.
In 1997 – “Lithuanian painting“, museum “Mai“, Copenhagen, Denmark.
In 1997 – “Lithuanian art exhibition“, Šarža art museum, JAE.
In 1997 – “Exhibition of two artists“, gallery “Grosser wall“, Berlin, Germany.
In 1995 – the 10th Vilnius painting triennial, ŠMC, Vilnius.
In 1995 – the 4th St. Petersburg biennial “Spatia Nova“, Russia.
In 1995 – gallery “Gates“ presents, M. K. Čiurlionis gallery, Chicago, the USA.
In 1994 – gallery “Gates“ presents, gallery “10“, Washington, the USA.
In 1994 – Painting, ŠMC, Vilnius.
In 1994 – Painting, International commercial palace, Nancy, France.
In 1994 – Painting, Rhein Rhur center, Mulheim, Germany.
In 1993 – Painting, museum “Open Haven“, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
In 1990 – Painting, Lithuanian Republican embassy, Moscow, Russia.

In 2013 – Video projection, opera Šventvartė, Anykščiai.
In 2005, 2006, 2007 – Project‘s “Bees art‘s spaces“ organizer and tutor.
In 2006 – Video projection, musical “Tree‘s fairy-tales“, Vilnius.
In 2006 – Video projection for Ballet 80th concert of Lithuanian national opera and ballet theater, Vilnius.
In 1996 – Scenography for the performance according to M. Bulgakov “Molière“.

In 2003 – Portugal Republican President Jorge Sampaio award – Merits order (Officer cross).
In 1998, 2000 – The first premium, “Performances in the sand“, Klaipėda.
In 1997 – the 10th Vilnius painting triennial, ŠMC, Vilnius, “Midday premium“.
In 1996 – “The 7th international painting symposium“ prize.
In 1995 – “The 7th international Vilnius plein air“ premium, gallery “Gates“, Vilnius.