Alis Balbierius

Alis Balbierius
Alis Balbierius

Art photographer Alis Balbierius was born in 1954, in Šlepščiai, Biržai district. For some time he lived and worked in Vilnius, but now he lives and creates in Biržai. The photography of photo-artist is colorful. He is both – photographer and poet. He studied biology in Vilnius Pedagogical Institute. He is the member of Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers and the Lithuanian Writers’ Association. From 1990, during Revival period, the artist had been actively participating at the Green movement. In 1992-1993 he had been an editor of weekly “Literature and art”, also he had similar duties in other cultural and natural publications. In 1993-1996 Alis Balbierius had been a correspondent and an editor of these newspapers: “Rustic newspaper’’, “Vilnius tribune’’, “Homeland’’, “Green Lithuania’’. He has published a number of articles in environmental, cultural and artistic themes. A. Balbierius won a literary and environmental award, also the prize of “Literature and art” for the articles about photography (1995). He organized more than 30 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad – in Germany. He participated in international symposiums and group exhibitions.
Alis Balbierius has got an artist statement since 2005. He has published many articles in ecology and culture topics in the periodicals. As a photographer, Alis Balbierius is collaborating with literature press and publishing house. In his free time the artist is interested in East countries culture and he often travels around India.

Personal exhibitions list:
1999 “Windows, night and other photographies’’, The gallery of photography in Panevėžys.
1999 “Photography exhibition”, The oilmen house in Mažeikiai.
1999 “Nature, forms and colours”, The teachers house in Vilnius.
2002 “In the way”, The club of Lithuanian writers union.
2003 “Items incantation”, The gallery of photography in Panevėžys.
2005 “Ice inclusions“, The teachers house in Vilnius.
2006 “A cabin on the cloud”.
2007 “Items incantation”, Manor of H. Šojus in Šilutė.
2008 “Mix’’ (assemblages and photography), The gallery of art in Panevėžys.
2008 “About old photographies”. The club of Lithuanian writers union.
2009 “Haiku”, The Fifth Worldwide Haiku association congress in Druskininkai.
2010 “From landscapes”, The gallery of photography in Panevėžys.
2011 “From assemblages”, The museum of Pasvalys region.
2011 “The land of Jonas Mekas”, The literature museum of Maironis in Kaunas.
2012 “The land of Jonas Mekas”, Fluxus ministry in Kaunas.
2013 “Ice inclusions”, LR embassy in Berlin.
2013 “A touch to India”.
2016 “Ice inclusions”, Lithuanian photo artists union “Gallery of the Avenue” in Vilnius.
2016 “Ice inclusions” The museum of Kaunas city, Lithuanian music historical department of M. and K. Petrauskas.

Group exhibitions list:
1998 “Nature is all house”, Kaunas.
2001 International artists plein-air, Biržai.
2003 International Kupiškis plein-air, symposium, Kupiškis.
2006 “The art of Aukštaitija”.
2008 Art objects exhibition “Windows”, The gallery of art in Panevėžys.
2009 “The art of Aukštaitija”.
2008 Project “Talisman”, The gallery of art in Panevėžys.
2010 “The art of Aukštaitija”.
2010 Project “Signs”, The gallery of art in Panevėžys.
2010 Exhibition “Lifestyle”, Lithuanian photo artists union in Vilnius.
2010 International project “Magnus Ducatus arts plein-air”, Bessarabia, Ukraine.
2012 “Perpetum mobile”, The gallery of art in Panevėžys.

Books list:
“Palm paddle”// 1986.
“Singing rivers”// 1988.
“Forests of the breathings” // 1990.
“Green ship of Nojus”// 1990.
“Kūlgrinda, almanac of ecology and culture”// 1990.
“Calendar of young scientist”// 1995
“Footprints of the dream”// 1997.
“The texts about everything and nothing”// 1998.
2001 International artists plein-air , Bessarabia.
2003 International Kupiškis plein-air-symposium, Kupiškis.
2006 Project “The art of Aukštaitija”.
2008 International poet of Druskininkai plen-air photography exhibition in Vilnius.
2008 Project “Talisman”, The gallery of art in Panevėžys.
2010 Project “The art of Aukštaitija’’.
2010 Lithuanian photo artists union exhibition “Still life’’ in Vilnius.
2010 International “Magnus Ducatus artist plein-air”, Bessarabia, Ukraine.
2012 Project “The art of Aukštaitija’’.
2012 Project “Perpetum mobile”, The gallery of art in Panevėžys.

The representation of seasons topic by leading conceptual insights is quite rare phenomenon in Lithuanian photography context. Photo artist Alis Balbierius is trying to create artistic narrative in winter and mirrors topics through different expression measures and symbols. The photographer presents artistic photography series “Snow and mirrors’’ (2009). During the creation of photography series in different seasons topics, Alis Balbierius often enlists the help of collage technique. Not only philosophical attitude of the author is expressed in the various seasons narrative story, but also a poetical look to chosen topic, which is expressed through concrete detail or symbol: a shape of the ice, the background of snowing, a stop in the time flowing. The photo artist dedicates his attention to analysis of the meaning of sign and symbol, aesthetics.