Aistė Jurgilaitė

Artist Aistė Jurgilaitė, who was born in 1971, lives and creates in Trakai. She has been granted VDA master‘s diploma. Also, since 2005 she has been granted the status of Art Creator. Though, the main creative sphere of the artist is painting, however, she often creates in the sphere of computer‘s graphics. Since 1998 she has been participating in the exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad: Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg and USA. From 2007 till 2013 she was working as Painting and Drawing lecturer in Art academy, in Crosne, France. The life for 15 years in France enriched the author in cultural and social meaning, the communication with artists of various spheres and the knowledge of different cultural aspects undoubtedly reflect in the author‘s creation work.
2017 – ““ gallery, Vilnius.
2016 – Business center “VERTAS“, Vilnius.
2015 – Restaurant “House of Ertilis“, Vilnius.
2013 – CARRE D‘ART, Montgeron, France.
2011 – The exhibition, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Baltic countries Independence, the citie‘s library, La Croix-en Touraine, France.
2008 – Personal exhibition “Maison des Arts“, Crosne, France.
2005 – Center CCI, Perigeux, France.
Restaurant “Ärtemis“, Montgeron, France.
2002 – Art gallery, Corbeil-Essonne, France.
2001 – Exhibitions‘ hall C.M.C.L., Brunoy, France.
2000 – Exhibitions‘ hall “Andre Malraux“, Yerres, France.
Gallery “Maurice Mathurin“ Tours, France.

2017 – ART BOX PROJECT, Baselle‘s Art days, Switzerland.
2016 – ART BOX PROJECT, Miami‘s Art days, USA.
Restaurant “L‘oiseau bleu“, Bordeaux, France.
2015 – International art festival in Venice “SELF“.
Three exhibitions: Venice, Italy.
2014 – exhibition “ROAD“, gallery “ARC“, Vilnius.
2013 – Guest of Honor in biennial, Crosne, France.
2012 – Exhibition Propriete Caillebote, gallery “Ferme Ornee“ Yerres, France.
2011 – Art biennial, Crosne, France.
International autumnal salon, Galician, Spain.
Exhibition project “Art+art of communication“, Čiurlionis‘s Art museum, Kaunas.
Reporting painters‘ exhibition in gallery “Arc“, Vilnius.
2010 – International exhibition-contest “EUTOPIA“, Neumünster‘s castle, Luxembourg.
2009 – International autumnal salon, Sarria, Spain.
Exhibition “Lithuanian painting 2008“, gallery “Arc“, Vilnius.
2008 – International autumnal salon, Sarria, Spain.
Exhibition “Lithuanian painting 2008“, gallery “Arc“, Vilnius.
2007 – International autumnal salon, Sarria, Spain.
Art biennial, Crosne, France.
2006 – painting exhibition of large formats, Montgeron, France.
Art salon, Blere, France. (First place for the painting work.)
2005 – Group exhibition, Eschborn‘s Art museum, Eschborn, Germany.
Collective exhibition “Eastern wind“, Universitie‘s hall, Paris.
Group exhibition, gallery “Nochtambules“, Crosne, France.
2003 – exhibition of Miniatures, Montgeron, France.
Gallery “Art et Actualite“, Paris.
Exhibitions‘ hall PPC, Yerres, France.
2002 – “Exhibition 6“, Montgeron, France.
Gallery “Art et Actualite“, Paris.
Pavilion “Charles X“, Saint-Syr-Sur-Loire, France.
2001 – Gallery “Artitude“, Paris.
Gallery “Terre et Mer“, Montgeron, Paris.
Gallery “Art et actualite“, Paris.
2000 – International salon, St. Genevieve de Bois, France.
Modern Art center, Vilnius.

“Painting is my primary creative activity and the way of spiritual forms expression, technique – acrylic on canvas coated on the wooden underframe, I chose it because it matches to my creative temperament. It is a versatile, paint dries quickly without changing the shape and intensity, texture is maintained and required viscosity and at the same time makes it possible to cover almost transparent layers as with watercolor. The most interesting thing in painting is colors: their intensity and their gentleness, serenity and storm to convey mood, as well as light and darkness – in the colors lie all possible expression means of the world. However, the technique – it’s just a way to convey what is in your imagination. Themes of works are pretty broad and although are quite abstract – in each of them can be seen the details, which reflect recognizable objects whose real shape is highlighted just partly – it melts and disappears in the abstract mood play like fragile reflection of this world. It is like a symbol of who we are in this world and at the same time connecting us with immense ulterior reality, where totality pour out with eternity and there is no limits to describe existence. In this context, personal images become existential, and existential – personal, as well as calligraphy elements, which are in the depth of canvas colors: they lead us to where was born the first signs, the letters become the witnesses of soul and thought, taking viewer’s experience and dreams and at the same time protecting the secret of the world“. About her creation work told artist Aistė Jurgilaitė.