About Gallery

The public institution “Art gallery of Gabrielė” is the new name in the world of art. This gallery actively participates in Kaunas culture life, also is represents creation of artists from Kaunas, Lithuania and foreign countries. We represent artists’ creation not only in the website, but also in various galleries, museums and other public spaces. We already have ten year experience in organization of exhibitions and various projects, art critic, and project management field. During three years of individual activity we’ve already organized about 6o professional artists’ exhibitions in the different spaces of Kaunas. We organized group and personal artists exhibition in Germany too. We also closely collaborated with Lithuanian Embassy in Germany, we decided to give big attention for Lithuanian photographer’s representation in this country.
We represent creation of 70  professional artists in our online gallery. Our gallery regularly colloborate with  Associate Professor Remigijus Venckus (Associate Professor).
We collaborate with Lithuanian artists Alis Balbierius (Photography), Vigmantas Balevičius (Photography), Audrius Gražys (Painting), Romualdas Kairys (Photography), RIP Algimantas Kezys (Photography), Giedrius Liagas (Photography), Gintaras Jaronis (Photography and media), Dangirutė Maleckienė (Photographica and photography), Rimgaudas Maleckas (Photographica and photography), Gintautas Skuodas (Photography), Saulius Slavinskas (Photography), Rymantas Penkauskas (Photography), Gintautas Vaičys (Photography and painting), Petras Vaičiulis (Photography), Remigijus Venckus (Photography and media art), Danas Andriulionis (Painting), Egidija Brinkytė (Painting), Saulius Kuizinas (Sculpture), Jovita Glemžaitė-Matuzienė (Painting), Rūta Levulienė (Painting), Deivis Slavinskas (Painting), Oksana Judakova (Graphic art) and artists from foreign countries Hojat Amani (Visual arts and photography Iran), Hiroshi Matsumoto (Abstract painting, Japan), Ewa Polkhe (Painting and photography art, Lithuania-Poland), Masha Jallzadeh Khoshnowd (Painting, Iran). We also collaborated with famous photographer from USA RIP Algimantas Kezys and others famous artists too.
The public institution “Art Gallerie of Gabrielė” works with the project “Kaunas and Foreign Artists’ Exchange Programme. Part I”. The sponsor of this project was Kaunas municipality (2015).
General activities trends of the gallery:
Organization of artists’ exhibitions in Lithuania and foreign countries including different art biennales in foreign countries
Help for the artists to prepare projects from idea to realization;
Creation of projects including publishing of catalogues and albums;
Help regarding the designer and publishing house;
Photos printing with a good price/quality ratio;
Writing of art reviews about partners’ exhibitions and artists’ creation in the press;
Advertising during the process of the project and events;
Selling of professional artist’s works and consultation when choosing the present for business partner or friend.
Creation of the films about the artists’ artworks (We already created film representing the artworks of photographers Dangirutė Maleckienė and Rimgaudas Maleckas; Author Gintaras Jaronis)
Educational activities and organization of conferences in art field
We closely collaborate with: The Municipality of the Kaunas City, Kaunas City Museum,  Business Center “Šaltupis”, Business Center “VERTAS”, Giedrės Bartelt Art Gallery “Trofėjas”, Kaunas City Photoclub.
Information partners: Professional art knowledge portal “Kamanė”, internet dayly “Bernardinai”, Juornal “Naujoji Romuva”, Newspaper “Kauno diena”, A two-week cultural and artistic Journal “Nemunas”.

We closely collaborate with:

www.kaunas.lt Kaunas City Museum Kaunas State Drama Theatre Šaltupis Vertas Giedre Bartelt Lietuvos Švietimo istorijos muziejus
Tautos namai ARRA Anima Mundi

Information partners

Kamanė.lt Internet Journal „Bernardinai“, Journal „Naujoji Romuva“, A two-week cultural and artistic Journal „Nemunas“, Newspaper „Kauno diena“

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