Žilvinas Kropas

Žilvinas Kropas
Žilvinas Kropas

I am an alternative photographer from Lithuania. Since 2017 – a member of
the public company “Gabrielė‘s Art Gallery“ (Kaunas), as well as, since 2015 – a
member of the Board of Panevėžys Photographers‘ Society. I am an active
photographer, I often take part in group exhibitions together with professional
artists. I have been creating an artistic photography since 2012. An exclusive
feature of my creative work is – taking a photo by using Pinhole, Lumen prints,
chlorophyll process and Solargraphy photographic techniques. I consider myself
to be an idealist, looking for beauty and harmony everywhere, able to properly
appreciate spiritual and cultural values, I have a special intuition, and a very
volatile imagination.

“Žilvinas Kropas, pursuing strictly pure alternative photography and his own
artistic program, is the person who seeks to reanimate the cult background for art,
eliminated in the age of reproduction. He endows photography with what
traditionally belongs to fine arts: the original, authenticity, and cultivation of good
taste!” – Prof. Dr. Remigijus Venckus (media artist and critic).

Personal exhibitions

2019 – Illumination of solar scripts. Biržai region museum.
2019 – Illumination of solar scripts. Anykščiai Art Incubator.
2018 – Illumination of solar scripts. Panevėžys Photography gallery.

List of group exhibitions

2019 – International exhibition. Dusetos cultural centre gallery of art “Horse in

2019- International Art and Science festival in Sounth Korea . PASA fes-

tival. The artist is presenting his solo exhibition ” Illumination of solar


2019- International Alternative Photography project ”Ämorfo”.  Lithuania-

Argentina. Panevėžys-Photography Gallery and Argentina- Analog Photog-

raphy and Alternative Process festival ”PHOTOPATAGONIA 2019”.
2018 – International interdisciplinary art project “Hundreds of feelings to
2018 – international interdisciplinary art project “Visible in Time”. Mirror gallery.
United Kingdom.
2017 – International pinhole exhibition in Mexico.
2017 – International pinhole exhibition in Argentina.
2016 – Panevėžys Photographers Society exhibition “Portraits of actors’’.
2016 – International pinhole exhibition in Columbia “Movement“.
2016 – Exhibition “Remembering the Future” of Panevėžys Photo Gallery.
2016 – International pinhole photo exhibition in Belarus “Human“.

Articles and publications:

Photographs have been published in international art journals and specialized press
in the USA and Mexico…

2019 – Catalogue “Portrait without face”. Publication
2019 – Catalogue “Horse in photography”. Publication
2018 – Shots (JAV). Art magazine.
2018 – The Hand (JAV). A Magazine for Reproduction-based Arts.
2018 – The international art magazine BLUR writes about me and my work.
2018 – The article in weekly “Voice of Panevėžys“ about me and my work.
2018 – A critical review of Žilvinas Kropas’s photography – Prof. Dr. Remigijus
Venckus. “Šiaulių naujienos”.
2017 – Pinhole photograph is published in Mexican periodical press
2016 – Magazine of culture and history Senvagė. Publication
2016 – My photo is published in the international f / D pinhole book.

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