Rita Rimšienė

Rita Rimšienė
Rita Rimšienė

Rita Rimšienė – painter from Kaunas – has graduated from Kaunas Polytechnic institute (now – Kaunas University of Technology), Chemical Technology faculty, and Kaunas University of Technology, Economics faculty. At the moment Rita Rimšienė is studying at Viniaus Academy of Arts in Kaunas faculty in painting speciality.

Rita Rimšienė is a member of Žemaitija artists union. The artist has organized 17 personal exhibitions and she has participated in 18 general exhibitions. She participates in various international plein airs.

The paintings of artist Rita Rimšienė stand out the expressive style. In the author‘s creation work the contrast of various colors, which gradually passes through to expressive yellow, expressive red and mixed different shades coloring, dominate. The works of R. Rimšienė stand out normalized presentation in unconventional context. In the artist‘s painted canvas it can‘t find simple pictorial motives such as landscapes, still lifes, which are already usual to see in frequent Lithuanian traditional pictorial painting.
In the gallerie‘s online website Rita Rimšienė presents these paintings: “Natural oasis“, “Mysticism“, “Conversation“, “Yellow island“, “In the dreams“, etc, all presented paintings were created in 2014-2016.

In each work of the artist there are encoded different abstract narration‘s story, different theme. The artist constantly goes deep into existential questions and solves them, themes and names of the paintings appear from various real life experience. From the other painters abstractionists R. Rimšienė stands out her original touch and style, individual insights, various color palette. In the artist‘s creation work it is also very important the rhythm, which opens through abstract lines and shapes. The author‘s inspiration sources are the nature and the relation with outside and inside world.

Art critic Gabrielė Kuizinaitė

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